My Kitchen Rules farewells Damo and Caz

My Kitchen Rules has hosted another cook-off and farewelled another favorite team.

Last night Damo and Caz faced Amy and Tyson in a sudden death cook-off.

Amy and Tyson served up a three-course winning meal that included an entree of steak tartare with parmesan crisp, a main of oxtail, steak and kidney stew and a dessert of cheese sorbet with walnut cake and carrot — a sort of deconstructed carrot cake.

Damo and Caz plated an entree of fish cakes with lime slaw and sriracha aioli, a main of lamb back strap with roast beetroot, parsnip puree and goat’s cream cheese. Dessert was red wine poached pears with cinnamon ice cream.

Both teams entrees lacked seasoning with Amy and Tyson getting a less than thrilling critique This steak tartare is really lacking,” guest judge Liz Egan said. “Thank god for the parmesan crisp because … you do get more flavor out of it.

Damo and Caz didn’t fare much better with Guy Grossi saying “What a great idea for a first course … but it needs a bit more oomph in the flavour.”

Amy and Tyson burnt their first batch of oxtail for their main in the pressure cooker and had to be thrown in the bin. however, they were lucky enough to have enough time to cook the second batch.  Worse was to come when they tasted their steak and deemed it unacceptable as it was dry. They decided to scrap it completely from the dish.  “it is confident cooking and very clever as well”. said, Colin.

Damo and Caz seemed to have no problem with their main however Guy Grossi said that

“It (back strap) is a particularly difficult part of the lamb to cook,” Grossi said. “It tends to dry out easily and it can be inconsistent. I think they’ve (Damo & Caz) fallen into that trap today.”

When desserts were served, Amy and Tyson struggling with the foam for the top of their cheese sorbet and unable to caramelise their carrots.  I can honestly say I’ve never had a dessert like this before,” Liz Egan said. “I’m not sure that it is entirely successful.”

Damo and Caz didn’t poach their pears in the wine for long enough and paid the penalty. “These guys really rushed their dessert,” Karen Martini said. “The pear is still quite firm.”

Despite their bad night in the kitchen Amy and Tyson survived with a score of 37 compared to Damo and Caz who scored 29.