Musical risks, magical moments and a memorable duet

Musical risks, magical moments and a memorable duet

Artists continued to surprise, shock and delight tonight on The Voice, as the unforgettable Blind Auditions made even more dreams come true.

The risk of performing an original song paid off for one hopeful singer after her extraordinary audition, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, shocked the coaches and caused Keith Urban to bust out his final block against Rita Ora.

One singing teacher’s incredible performance against overwhelming odds captivated everyone, inspiring Guy to jump on stage for an impromptu duet, while a powerhouse artist left the coaches spinning around after mixing Kylie Minogue with opera. 

Tonight’s amazing performers on The Voice were:

Artist: Julee-Anne Bell, 47, QLD

Song: Climb Every Mountain (The Sound of Music)

Chair turns: Four

Coach: Guy

Julee-Anne, a singing teacher who was born blind, said: “I think one of the hardest things I have to overcome is people’s prejudices about what I can do or what I can’t do.” Her incredible performance and captivating personality inspired the coaches, so much so, that she was joined onstage by new mentor Guy, joining her for a duet experience they both declared “unforgettable.”

Keith: “If there had have been a fifth chair that would have turned around too.”

Rita: “I’m never going to forget this moment in my life… you have inspired me beyond words and for that I’m forever grateful so thank you.”

Artist: Chantel Cofie, 23 NSW

Song: 2020 (Original song)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Guy  

In 2012 Chantel met Keith Urban who told her to apply for The Voice. Tonight, she made good on her promise and performed an original song inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Chantel’s powerful audition had the coaches in awe and motivated Keith to use his last block against Rita.

Jess: “You were so unafraid, and I love that about you… you’re a star.”

Guy: “I’m genuinely excited about you… I love that you want to say things that matter… I think you’ve got a future and I want to be a part of it.”

Keith “You’re the dream… you’re a real artist.” 

Rita: “I am angry right now, but that doesn’t dispute the fact that is one of the best auditions I’ve ever seen.” Later Rita forgave Keith admitting: “It is the competition; it is the game, it’s why these blocks exist.”

Artist: Maddie Grace, 21, NSW

Song: Rainbow (Kacey Musgraves)

Chair turns: Three (Keith, Guy and Jess)

Team: Jess 

Maddie revealed that due to cystic fibrosis her life expectancy is around 40 years old. Music has been her saviour through hard times, and with her proud mum and nan watching on, Maddie had her choice of three superstar coaches as mentor. 

Keith: [on her song choice] “It’s really touching and has a healing quality to it… you conveyed that so well.”

Jess: “I felt like you were really telling us your story through a song… witnessing that was really special.”

Artist: Irena Lysiuk, 28 QLD

Song:  On a Night Like This (Kylie Minogue)  

Chair turns: Three (Keith, Rita and Jess)

Team: Rita

Irena studied classical music, loves pop and took a risk by adding opera to her arrangement of the much-loved Kylie tune. It payed off as Keith, Rita and Jess pitched hard to secure the unique artist on their team.

Jess: “So many beautiful moving pieces going at the same time, but it fits perfectly.”

Keith: “Mind-blown.” 

Artist: Seb Szabo, 24 VIC

SongDreams (Fleetwood Mac)

Chair turns: Three (Keith, Guy and Jess)

Team: Keith

Seb’s distinctive performance had three all-star coaches eager to mentor him.

Guy: “You’ve got a certain feel in your voice that really excited me… there’s something unique about you that I’m really intrigued about.”

Keith: “I love what you do… and I think you have a sense of who you are and that’s half the battle.”

Artist: Paris Marie, 16 VIC

Song: Butterfly (Jessica Mauboy)

Chair turns: Two (Guy and Jess)

Team: Jess

Jess: “Wow it’s so magical to have people sing your songs… and be able to tell their story and their journey back to you.”  

Artist: Kala Gare, 23 VIC

Song: Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

Chair turns: Three (Rita, Guy and Jess)

Team: Jess

Jess: “I really feel you are a solid artist… you know your craft. You need a coach that you can explore with and bounce off, I could be that coach for you.”

Artist: Michael Kay, 25 WA

Song: American Boy (Estelle feat. Kayne West)

Chair turns: None

Guy: “The rap was really energetic and really fun. I’m sure there’s a time when the energy, the styling, the dancing and the vocals will have synergy and get you to where you need to be.”


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