Under Investigation with Liz Hayes returns to Nine next week

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes returns to Nine next week

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, the gripping series that puts a spotlight on unsolved crimes and mysteries from Australia and around the world, is back next week.

Viewers will take a seat at the table with Hayes’ team of leading investigators and forensic experts as their methodical analysis unearths startling new clues, lines of inquiry, and provides gripping insights into unfolding cases under investigation.

In the new series, Under Investigation exposes how Sallie-Anne Huckstepp, a single mother and heroin-addicted prostitute from Kings Cross, changed the course of Australian police history in 1981 after her decision to blow the whistle on corruption in a bombshell 60 Minutes interview with Ray Martin.

Murdered for her disclosures, now 40 years later the avenging voice of Sallie-Anne returns from the grave – with never-before-seen footage from the interview that helps identify her probable killer.

Other crimes and mysteries examined include Byron Bay’s missing Belgian backpacker, Theo Hayez, who vanished into thin air in 2019; the death of “The Girl in the Chute”, Melbourne woman Phoebe Handsjuk; and Beth Bernard’s horrific murder on Victoria’s Phillip Island, a 35-year-old cold case featuring former top Homicide Detective Gary Jubelin.

Internationally, we investigate the 20-year legacy of 9/11 – and the subsequent War on Terror. Hear from James Dorney, a young Australian who was working on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Centre when it was hit, and former Prime Minister John Howard, who was in Washington, D.C. when the attacks occurred on September 11, 2001. And with a crack team of military experts and strategists, we probe the likelihood of a War with China.

 Monday, August 23, at 8.40pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. 


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