Who Was Sent To Redemption Rock?

Who Was Sent To Redemption Rock?

A big night of Australian Survivor saw a favourite saved from exiting the game.

At the Immunity Challenge, Castaways were tasked to walk a barrel, throw a knot to climb a wall, and manoeuvre a table maze to land three balls into a pocket. Only eight players could progress to the barrel, and five to the wall. The game was well and truly on as the Survivors gave it their all, but in the end, it was Andrew, Emmett and Dani who scored themselves Individual Immunity.

Realising she was on the chopping block and in a last-ditch effort, Hayley approached Dani and Emmett. They offered her a coveted spot in their game, as a double agent to prevent George and Cara blindsiding the OG Brawns.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan broke the news to the Fire Tribe that the power of three was not meant to be. The three Immunity winners were tasked with a fire challenge, with the sole winner left to decide who would be voted off.

As the challenge began, Andrew’s flint broke. Now a two-horse race, Emmett managed to start his fire first, however nurturing his flame took longer than expected. Dani, who had been near-ignored the entire time, suddenly ignited her flame and after bundling her kindling and husk, burnt through the string first.

With her newly won power, Dani voted out Baden, the link between OG Brawn and her mole, Hayley.

But all was not as it seemed, and he was sent to Redemption Rock and to possibly re-secure his place in the game.


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