Million Dollar Minute introduces new safe levels

Million Dollar Minute introduces new safe levels

Seven’s Million Dollar Minute has decide to change the game and it could translate to more millions being given away. 

Starting Monday, the popular quiz show will introduce a new $300,000 „Safety Net‟ jackpot in a  bid to motivate even more contestants to strive for the ultimate prize of one million dollars.

Under current rules, contestants who succeed at the $75,000 level are guaranteed to keep that money if they choose to play on and chase bigger winnings.  The $75,000 Safety Net remains in place, but from Monday players who go on to win at the $300,000 level will keep this massive jackpot instead.


This stunning rule change will revolutionise tactics. With a guaranteed $300,000 in their pocket, contestants risk nothing in playing on for the next jackpot – $500,000.  And in a second new feature, a brand new jackpot level of $750,000 has also been introduced. So rather than facing the daunting prospect of leaping from the $500,000 to $1,000,000, players will put less money on the line should they dare to continue.

Host of Million Dollar Minute, Simon Reeve, said he expected that the current record of  $535,000 won by Dougal „the Google‟ Richardson in October was now in danger.

“This is a big win for contestants and for viewers at home,” he said. “We can expect to witness even more adrenalin-charged moments and life-changing wins than ever before,” Simon said.

Million Dollar Minute airs 5:30 PM weekdays on Seven.