Richard out of Big Brother

Richard out of Big Brother

Another predictable eviction has occurred as another intruder was sent packing.

After Leo, Ryan and Penny were saved by Sonia in no particular order, Sonia announced to visibly worried Skye and Richard, that “it is time to go,….Richard” Just as Richard was leaving, Big Brother hit Pause on his Remote Control, forcing Richard to leave the Big Brother House without receiving all of the usual goodbyes.

When Sonia quizzed Richard about Big Brothers antics on stage, Richard said “It was pretty brutal to be honest, but that’s the game. I think a few of the others were more upset than I was”.

Richard also told Sonia how hard it was coming in as an intruder, saying “We come in right at the end of the game, and everyone has already got their favourites. Lina and Penny are still there, so hopefully they can shake things up.”

With Tom and Richard now gone, it’s power to the girls with the two remaining ex-neighbours, Penny and Lina, in with a good chance to sneak through to the final weeks. Will they be safe from the wrath of friends and family nominations tomorrow night? And will Big Brother’s rule-breakers Priya and Skye be directly in the firing line with their punishment of three nomination points each?

Big Brother airs at 8:30 PM on Nine.