Matt’s Gelato Was A No-No.

<strong>Matt’s Gelato Was A No-No.</strong>

Tonight, a master of gelato and his marvellous triple layer dessert stood between Fan Matt Landmark and his place in the MasterChef kitchen.  

Montana, Matt, Daniel and Michael arrived in the MasterChef kitchen following their bottom four cook in yesterday’s mystery box. The judges welcomed Donato Toce from Gelato Messina who revealed an epic pressure test, his incredible “Honey” gelato dessert which the contestants had three and a half hours to recreate.

Daniel had been behind for much of the cook, but caught up when he nailed his blown sugar beehive on the first go. Overly excited to place the beehive into his airtight container, Daniel crushed it and had to start again, but he was thrilled when he managed to produce a second perfect beehive.

With 15 minutes left on the clock both Michael and Matt successfully popped out their blown sugar beehives. Montana was worried when she couldn’t perfect her beehive, so she decided to try to finesse her remaining elements instead. In the final moments, Montana secured her coveted beehive, but was gutted when it broke with less than 30 seconds to go.

Matt was first to present his dish to the judges, when they sliced through they saw too much financier in Matt’s gelato layer, but the beehive was beautiful and Donato said there were great flavours. Matt’s tuile was faultless, but what really counted was the gelato, and there wasn’t enough in his dish.

Michael’s financier to gelato ratio was spot on, and Donato said he couldn’t fault the gelato. Daniel’s blown sugar beehive saved him in the end, and Donato said Daniel’s gelato was better than his own.

Montana knew she was up against three contestants who had plated up a beehive, and she didn’t have one. Melissa said that Montana had presented a pretty good dessert considering. Montana’s gelato was spot on, the honey shone through and her tuille was closest to Donato’s.

It was a close call, and while Matt created a perfect beehive, it was his unbalanced gelato which sadly saw him eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.


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