Hurricane Tully strikes

Hurricane Tully strikes

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates woke to a nasty shock as the normally pristine house was trashed.

Their task to earn the week’s shopping budget was to keep the house clean and tidy for 24-hours despite multiple messy disasters; including confetti showers and a backyard full of farm manure.

Later, cracks appeared in the OG alliance after Tim and Dave targeted Tully. When she caught on to their secret plot, Dave pointed the finger at Tim. But Tim exposed Dave’s deception, making him an easy target for nomination.

In tonight’s challenge, the housemates competed in pairs: one as runner and the other with their head encased in a clear empty tank. As the runners sprinted back and forth collecting water to flush out the competition, Gabbie and Jules made a splash to win safety from nomination.

Tim was out for revenge as Dave was nominated for eviction along with Lulu and Sam, leaving the original housemates on the verge of complete collapse.


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