Amy Shark enters the Celebrity Apprentice Arena

Amy Shark enters the Celebrity Apprentice Arena
Celebrity Apprentice - 206

After Jarrod was fired in the previous episode, all our celebs are looking forward to a new task, this time at a huge theatre in Sydney. 

They’re greeted by what looks like a burlesque show, and they’re horrified they might have to put one on, but are rapped to find out that they’ll actually be designing and modelling an intimate apparel line for the women in charge at Honey Birdette – however, there is one surprise – a new team member – Amy Shark, the pop singer with a string of hit under her belt. 

Amy joins Team Innovate, where Ben puts his hand up to become project manager. Putting a lack of self-esteem aside, his troops rally around him to design their range for their brand ‘BDE’, a play on the acronym Big Dick Energy, this time calling it Big Diverse Energy. They’re using bold fluoro colours, and giant zips to make an impact with their design. They’re a well oiled machine, and produce a blockbuster show that wows the audience and judges. 

Team Collaborate, where Beck is the PM, lacks leadership and direction which causes the team to splinter almost instantly. Samantha Jade, the product designer initially comes up with the idea of a ‘naked’ range, using bamboo fabrics and earthy tones, but after a meeting with the tailor, who was delayed due to too much time spent with Team Innovate, she changes her mind and makes all the underwear sparkling gold, but their theme remains the same – Bare Beyond Beauty. 

Team Collaborate’s show is a disaster, and Beck quickly realises she’ll need to think outside the box to save herself. She makes an alliance with Ronnie, thinking they can be smart by pulling themselves and whoever gets criticised the most in the boardroom, and that person is Sammi. Their plan and alliance works, and Sammi is fired. This collusion has upset all other celebrities. 


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