MasterChef Australia Season Five: The First Elimination

Tonight, Kelty, Dan, Michael, Nicky, Neha and Samira will fight it out in the first elimination for MasterChef 2013. Who will get the ungracious title of ‘first out’?

The six eliminee-candidates rock up in their black aprons for elimination. After an introductory speech by the judges, it’s time to get into the challenge. They find out that their fridges from home are waiting for them in the pantry. They are shocked at the sight of their kitchen fridges being here- on MasterChef!

They all have a limited time to cook a meal (60 minutes) inspired from their home life. We get to go through all of their fridges and all of their memories. Nicky is making a savoury Japanese custard. Dan is doing a Ganache with a Tim Tam ice cream. Kelty has decided to do an Irish stew with some soda bread. He does this despite not having bi-carb soda. He’s giving it a crack anyway.

He is using a pressure cooker which he isn’t really experienced with. He manages to almost burn down the building by putting oil in a really hot pan. No one actually thinks Kelty is ready for this challenge. Only 45 minutes remain. Jules meanwhile only cares about getting the girls across.

Hopefully Neha’s dish will do that for her. She’s making an egg curry. It’s simple, but effective. Michael is making a fillet steak with vegetables. He cooks one, but without any oil, heat is not transferred. Luckily he has more in case it stuffs up. When he puts in another one without changing his method, the contestants gasp however he doesn’t bother listening to what they have to say.

Noelene hopes her old offal opponent will pull through. Meanwhile, Samira is making an Egyptian vegetable dish. She cooks it for her husband.

All of a sudden, despite the fact his hollandaise sauce is burning, Michael goes collecting herbs in the MasterChef garden.

With ten minutes left, all pressure is on. Samira hopes the onions in her dish will be perfect. Meanwhile, Michael is still not using any oil or seasoning in his meat. He finally listens and oils and seasons a new piece of meat, but he claims he was going to do it anyway.

Meanwhile, when Kelty gets his bread out, he is disappointed by its look; however Noelene suggests turning it into a dipping bread. He doesn’t listen. Meanwhile, the contestants upstairs have written off Michael who didn’t even know he had ten seconds left.

Soon, time is up and tasting begins.

First up is Nicky and his Savoury Japanese Egg Custard. Gary declares he will not be going home today as it is the first savoury custard he’s loved on the show. George now believes he can cook.

Next is Kelty and his Traditional Irish Stew. Gone is the soda bread. Matt isn’t impressed that the only thing he’s done is put ingredients in a pressure cooker and let it rest. George doesn’t think it’s amazing. Gary thinks it will depend on if someone else really stuffs up as to whether or not he’s going home.

Next is our good friend Michael with his Eye Fillet and Roasted Vegetables. They love it with Gary loving the cooking of his steak and the hollandaise.

Next is Samira and her Koshary Rice. George is critical with it and Matt doesn’t think it is good at all.

Next up is Neha and her Egg Curry. It’s spicy, George! They love the depth and complexity of it.

Last up is Dan and his Salted Caramel and Chocolate Tart with Tim Tam Ice Cream! It’s a bit tough to cut. VERY tough to cut. Gary says the caramel is too hard and the dough is a bit savoury. Matt calls it a flawed dish. Could Dan be going home instead of Kelty? Or will it be Samira?

After a bit of deliberation, the judges decide that the FIRST contestant to be eliminated from MasterChef Australia 2013 is… Dan!

And to put those pesky, pessimistic contestants’ criticisms to rest, Michael actually won dish of the day.


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