The Celebrity Apprentice Season Three – Episode 6

The Celebrity Apprentice Season Three – Episode 6

It’s getting tight now, only 9 remain! With things heating up in all sorts of ways, who will crack under the pressure and get themselves fired?

The celebrities head up for their next challenge and the topic of conversation is Dermott’s game plan.

Mark asks who is hard working and who hard work is. Roxy thinks Stephanie is. Mark tells them that today; they will be sorting out the hard working from the hard work. Today, they will be dealing with dirty laundry. They will run a laundry in all sense of the task. Basically, it’s a team-who-makes-the-most-money-wins type of task.

Dermott and Peter have not yet been project manager, so today, they will be. Their teams are:

Dermott: Layla, Prue, Stephanie and Jeff

Peter: John, Roxy & Dawn

They will have 6 hours to run their laundrette and get money out of the public and their celebrity friends. Dermott and Jeff are already collaborating together to get some major sponsors.

They all arrive at the laundrette. The idea of doing dirty laundry has mixed reception. Stephanie and Layla like it but Dawn and John are not so keen.

The first impressions of the factory- it’s hot! They all have a training run and Layla is proving to be quite a star! It seems Dermott’s team have the whole thing down pat. In contrast, Peter is very nervous and their team isn’t so sure.

Soon, the teams split so some of the celebrities are working front of house for the regular customers. Dawn is actually enjoying the challenge. John thinks it is uncomfortable.

Dermott is in his element as the people he is managing are smarter than the average footballer. Meanwhile, Prue ‘spit’ cleans a jacket. Is that even allowed?

Meanwhile, John convinces a client, Aussie Bum, to come down for charity who offers Dawn a deal- either wash dirty laundry for $25,000 or get Dawn to model in the Laundromat and earn $100,000.

Dermott is flattened to hear that Peter’s team have secured 100k in just one offer. Jeff comes up with the idea of getting one of Aussie Bum’s competitors, Bonds, to give a counter offer. Meanwhile, Dermott gets on the phone to Shane Warne to bring in some big guns.

Prue gets a call back from Bonds who is able to give them $20,000. Not as much, but with every big gun they’ve been bringing in, Dermott’s team may actually push them over the edge. On the other team, it is time for Dawn’s photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Roxy bitches about Peter’s reassurance attitude…right in front of him. The team leave the camera they used to shoot Dawn’s photos unattended and Jeff steals it. He contemplates deleting the photos. When Roxy finds it, she goes off and the two have some very interesting words for each other.

Afterwards, Roxy finds out that their camera had no media card. It could be Jeff’s fault, or Peter’s. Roxy doesn’t want to confront Jeff, but Peter does.

Luckily, Roxy organises a cable for the camera to transfer the photos just in time.

Back to Dermott and AusCorp gives his team $60,000 for the ironing of one handkerchief.

With time ticking down, Prue begins to hand back clothes to clients. She’s running around like a mad woman.

Meanwhile, someone that should have gone to Dermott with $1,000, goes to Peter’s team. Prue finds out, and being her client, is pissed. She even goes as far as to tell the client-person that he could get fired.

Roxy and Prue have another spiel over the event, and Roxy promises Prue she can have the money.

Soon enough, the challenge is over. It’s time for the boardroom. Mark tells them that in this challenge, they set two records- the single-largest donation of $100,000 and a record for most money made in a challenge.

Mark asks Dawn who was hard work and who was hard working. Dawn says she was hard work as she arked up with Prue, who was also hard work, and Jeff, who stole her camera. Roxy backs Dawn up by saying Jeff was ridiculing them, especially Dawn.

In rebuttal, Jeff and his team talk about the $1,000 donation debacle. Prue’s ‘You’re going to get fired’ comment is brought up which leads to Dawn and Prue attacking each other.

Both Dermott and Peter seemed happy with their teams. Roxy believes Peter wasn’t amazing but he did his best. John thinks he was much better. Though he says ‘people have different standards’ which Peter thinks was bad wording.

The conversation then leads to Dermott’s ability to get corporate money.

We then find out that Peter’s team raised $124,851.10. Dermott’s team raised $202,580.00! Dermott’s team won despite Dawn’s large $100,000 donation. Over $320,000 will go to Dermott’s charity. Dermott gives $32,000 to Peter’s charity.

Dawn believes she let the team down as she didn’t pull in the money. Peter stands up for her by saying she was trying to get money. The winning team believes she actually could have done more. John believes he’s been bringing in more and more money in every challenge. Roxy thinks Peter should be fired. John thinks he should fire Dawn. Peter would go with Dawn but Roxy’s disrespectful nature wins out and she should be fired. Dawn thinks Peter should be fired.

Peter brings back Dawn and Roxy. John survives it!

Peter’s lack of money-raising ability is criticised. Dawn’s inability to want to ask for money is also identified. Mark was disappointed in Roxy for also not bringing in more money.

In the end, Peter is fired.


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