House Rules Season One – Carly & Leighton’s House Gets A Renovation

House Rules Season One – Carly & Leighton’s House Gets A Renovation

Carly & Leighton dodged a tent-shaped bullet when they found out their house would be next to be renovated. But after a shoddy week last week, will the contestants pay them with a better renovation?

As with every week, the episode starts with Carly & Leighton moving out and the rest of the contestants moving in. Michelle & Steve are reminded about their camping obligations for the week. Here are this week’s zones:

Kitchen & Meals, Hallway & Linen: JEMMA & BEN

Family Room & Bathroom: NICK & CHRIS

Guest Bedroom & Entry: MICHELLE & STEVE

Master Bedroom, Laundry & Study Nook: JANE & PLINIO

Robe & Ensuite: AMY & SEAN

Now to the House Rules. Carly & Leighton want stone and wood, but nothing rustic, a splash in the entry, a palette drawn from nature, a versatile kitchen island they can dine at and a sandstone fireplace in the living area.

After a day of planning, Michelle & Steve enjoy their first night camping. The next day, demolition begins. All of a sudden, Sean & Amy realise they need more space so they ask Jane & Plinio. Jane & Plinio don’t want to lose any of their space so the QLD couple goes away to re-jig their plans. Plinio later contemplates giving them the space to avoid drama, annoying Jane.

They then ask Nick & Chris for their small kitchen window to put in his bathroom; however Nick denies them that chance as well. He admits he’s just joshing with him. Later, Chester comes around and assesses the construction elements of each couple’s zone.

Meanwhile, the brothers love the house rule of putting a sandstone fireplace in their living room as it means they have something to model the room around. Chris goes off to the shops.

Later, Nick & Chris let Amy & Sean have the window from the kitchen. They try to get the window out without smashing it. Fail. They can add that on the pile of crap they’ll have to deal with this week.

As demolition occurs, we see that Amy & Sean will go to all lengths to win this week and won’t take no for an answer. We also see that for Michelle & Steve, winning is everything after losing it all seven years ago. It looks as if they’re using this round as a make-or-break round.

All of a sudden, Jane crumbles over not being good at following the brief. But that’s not the only problem, Plinio’s built in laundry has not been measured up properly with Plinio unaware that a decision had been made to knock out a wall, which means his measurements for his cabinetry are now invalid.

Meanwhile, Michelle is confident she can get a type of sandstone that matches the front façade of the house. However, she finds that the quarry that provides it has shut down. This isn’t good!