MasterChef Australia Season Five- Kids Week Elimination

Last Night the blue team failed to impress a lot of hungry school kids so one will be going home who will it be?

The boys are getting ready and they don’t want to lose a fourth boy in a row but everyone is nervous as they arrive in the kitchen.

The people facing elimination today are Vern, Nicky, Rishi, Totem, Faiza, Andrew, Samira, Christina, Clarissa, and Liliana

Today there are two rounds. In round one egg whip challenge. The first seven contestants to separate yolks from white and then whip the whites to achieve stiff peaks and tip the bowl over their head will escape elimination and the pressure test.

Time starts and everyone is whisking really fast Christina is used to doing this electronically. While Samaria has shell in her bowl so she quickly pulls it out and continues. Lilliliana is the first to finish closely followed by Vern Rishi and totem. There are still 3 spots left and Nicky grabs one of them. The teams keep whisking as Samaria and Faiza are saved. Andrew Christina and Clarissa will be facing the pressure test.

In round two the contestant will be dealing with lollies. All 3 contestants will have to make a Bernard Chu creation the lolly bag cake. Upon cutting into the cake it has 7 layers with each layer representing a different lolly and there’s even a sugar spiral on top. After tasting Bernard tells them to just follow the recipe something Christina never does, the contestants have 3 and a half hours to create the dish.

Andrew says he’s going to be methodical and follow the recipe, Clarrrisa can’t find her gelton. She asks for people to tell her when to take the geleton out. Jules tells her to use a timer. She can’t otherwise she would be more flusted. Christina has completed the gelation step.

Andrew is putting his Jaffa garnish together when Gary and Bernard visit they tell him to move faster.

There’s a lot of work to do Clarrrisa is fluted when Gary and Bernard visit her and even after being told to be calm she isn’t. Everything running smoothly for the others. After some time has passed Clarrrisa doesn’t know how to turn on the theromix so Christina helps her out much to Andrew’s horror. Clarrrisa is driving Andrew nuts he wishes she would be quiet. With only 2 hours left Christina has finished her musk mellow layer and it’s in the fridge to set. Andrew has also just completed this step and he is pleased.

Christina has also completed her freckle layer as well. She continues on her next layer. Clarissa is stressed and she has added sugar to her mixture by mistake and destroyed it. She doesn’t have enough time to fix it Bernard tells her to fix it. She discovers that she needs more eggs but no one is helping her out and she’s incredibly upset even snapping at Daniel when his offering advice. Rishi eventually offering her a solution which she takes. Christina offers her one more egg and she snaps. Christina has put her cakes in the oven while Andrew works on his redskin glaze

There are 30 minutes and calrissa has ditched her spearmint layer she is however trying to get something up on the plate. Having put her sponge in the oven she sets to work on her red skin glaze.

Christina and Andrew are assembling their cakes Christina seems to have it all set without any trouble. But Andrew’s final layer of butter cream is really hard and has started cracking once he turns it over on to his cake.

Andrew gets advice from Gary and going to try and fix it. Christina has no troubles with her cake it’s bordering on perfection while Clarrrisa has missing layers and her marshmallows are all runny.

With only minutes left Christina and Andrew do their glaze Christina’s works well while Andrews goes everywhere.

Clarrrisa manages to do a good glaze and everyone serves up something when times up

It’s now time for the tasting. First up is Christina gorge jokes with her about no sugar work. Garry calls it great and an amazing job

Andrews dish is next Gary calls it soft, matt says the butter cream is heavy and Andrew sugar mint tastes like toothpaste.

Clarissa elements are spot on and matt enjoyed more than Andrews but this is a pressure test and it’s about recreating from a recipe and she hasn’t done that. Now it’s time for the results

Christina’s was perfect so it’s now down to two. Andrew is saved and Clarrrisa departs the master chef kitchen.