The Block: Sky High Season Six – Monkey Business Challenge Winners Decided

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Monkey Business Challenge Winners Decided

Yesterday, the contestants had fun building some gorilla apparatuses. Today, they’re put to the test and the winners of a much-needed $5,000 are announced.

Due to the challenge, everyone has to work well into the night. Lysandra & Alisa’s family come today, so that’s a positive! Matt has worked through the night to save on tradies, but it woke people up, annoying them. Some people complain to Keith who thinks Matt has broken the rules as even though it wasn’t a power tool that Matt used (he used a simple hammer), ANY noise can only occur in moderation and people are complaining that it went on for ages.

Today is shopping day for Madi & Jarrod, which isn’t good when they don’t have much money. Jarrod spends the day marking up the room to include an island kitchenette. The couple deliberate on whether or not it’s a good idea. Downstairs, the twins install their underfloor heating, but they want more warmth and look for a fireplace. Trixie is getting one as well! Here we go again! Luckily for Trixie, when the girls put their fireplace in, the fake flames defy gravity. They’re not using it!

The contestants are all still complaining of budget issues despite spending big on huge appliances. Bec & George install a home theatre AS WELL AS a TV!

Matt & Kim encounter a problem when a tradie breaks some of the wires in their speed heating floor heater. Matt has to get the man out to fix it. At least he’s laid it. As Johnno went shopping with Trixie, he hasn’t had time to lay his floor heating.

Overnight, it rained and because plumbers did not cap a pipe at the roof, water has leaked through the rooms. Most levels, with the exception of Bec & George, have to deal with leaking issues. Trixie is annoyed that water is flowing through finished rooms. Even Lysandra & Alisa’s level is affected!

Madi & Jarrod are affected hugely with threats that their entire ceiling may have to be replaced. Due to it being a plumber’s problem, they won’t have to replace it- Keith’s team will. The plumber will not be able to be paid for his dodgy job.

The next day, the contestants head off to hear the results of yesterday’s challenge. They all get some art painted by the gorillas for their rooms. Some contestants are not so sure about using it. We see some amazing footage of gorillas playing with the equipment. The equipment was a hands down hit.

In the end, Trixie & Johnno win! With the challenge now over, it’s time to get back to the Block full time. Matt installs a painting. Yes, installs- because it’s not just a painting- it’s a heater! And it’s the first of its kind in Australia.

Because today is a public holiday, not much can be done, so Scotty takes them all on a field trip. They’re going to the Melbourne Races! They get to pamper up first.

Before they head out, the contestants begin to receive some furniture and accessories to put in their apartments. Not Trixie & Johnno, they’re off to see the gorillas. They’re happy to see their apparatus in one piece.

Despite the huge work that has to go into it, Matt & Kim’s floating feature wall is taking shape.

The contestants then go shopping for an outfit for the races. The best dressed couple will win two SDB keys. Back at The Block, Trixie’s family arrives.