MasterChef Australia Season Five – Dreams Week Begins

It’s the week dreams are made of- Dreams Week! But for some contestants, this week will be a living nightmare!

The contestants begin the week very homesick. When they walk into the kitchen, they see chef whites! They are introduced to Dreams Week.

Today will be a service challenge held in Ballarat. They will be cooking for some VIP guests. They will all prepare one dish each that shows how far they have all come. The best-dish maker will be safe from tomorrow’s elimination.

They have 2 hours to prep and cook their meal once they arrive in Ballarat. With that, they’re off! We find out that the VIPs will be their family members!

Emma is doing a beef tartare with an emulsion sauce. Lynton is making a souvied kangaroo dish. Lucy will be doing a chicken tonnato with deep fried mayonnaise. Kelty is doing a hot-smoked honey salmon. Meanwhile, the family members begin turning up. They get to see their respective contestants cooking.

Rishi is doing a fish curry, which is what he did in his audition with coconut-milk poached salmon. Christina is doing a stuffed chicken with veggies. Samira is doing Quail 2-ways. They have an hour left! Samira’s cottoned on to the fact their families may be there.

Lucy has quite a lot to do and at first glance doesn’t think she’ll get it done. Despite all the panic, they all do get it done and they also get to enjoy the meal with their families!

First up is Christina’s stuffed chicken. The judges think it is a bit messy but has impact. The flavours and textures are great!

Samira’s quail dish is next. The judges are blown away by the flavours. Next up is Lucy’s chicken dish which is fresh and summery. Kelty’s fish dish follows and it’s another perfectly cooked knockout!

Rishi’s Indian fish curry dish is another hit. Lynton’s beef is a perfectly cooked medium rare! Emma’s dish is one of the best the judges have eaten!

When it’s all over, the judges turn on the waterworks by introducing their kids.

But, who will be safe from tomorrow’s elimination? EMMA!