Big Brother’s big week of changes

Big Brother’s big week of changes

Big Brother has a few scheduling changes coming and it sounds all positive. 

On Monday night, the Australian public will decide the fate of two of this week’s nominated Housemates in a massive Double Eviction, followed by a live Nominations show on Tuesday where another six Housemates will be facing possible eviction from the BIG BROTHER House.

Wednesday will see the demise of the wall between the Safe and Halfway Houses as the House finally becomes united for the first time this series, and a brand new bedroom will be unveiled.


The weekly SHOWDOWN will take place on Thursday with the winner being granted the power to swap a nominee, as well as the coveted night in the Presidential Suite.

From the following Monday onwards The show returns to 7PM  (26th August),  the Evictee will throw a bomb in to the house as they leave, by handing over the Nominations Superpower to a Housemate of their choice.

In even better  BIG BROTHER has listened to his audience and due to demand has created a brand new show called Late Night Feast, which will premiere on Tuesday 27th August at 9.30pm.Late Night Feast will offer viewers a more grown-up and intriguing insight in to the lives of theBIG BROTHER Housemates.


8.00pm Monday LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION on Channel Nine continues 7pm  weeknights on Channel Nine

starting Tuesday 27th August at 930 PM: LATE NIGHT FEAST on Channel Nine