MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Hellish Elimination

MasterChef Australia Season Five – A Hellish Elimination

Lucy, Pip, Daniel & Kelty are in elimination tonight and it’s not going to be easy to get back in the game. Who will succeed and who will crumble under the intense heat of elimination hell?

The four enter the MasterChef kitchen for their elimination. Today’s elimination will be split into two rounds. In the first round, two will be saved. The other two will face off against each other in round two and one will be going home. Ian Curley will be the guest chef today. He brings in the dish for the first round- steak tartare. A tartare is famously difficult as it is a dish based on flavouring. They get to taste the dish before making it. They have 45 minutes to recreate the dish and have all the ingredients laid out for them. They will also have a tartare to taste along the way.

The first problem is encountered by Lucy whose dough for the biscuit is too tough. She thinks she hasn’t kneaded it enough so she continues doing that. Daniel’s biscuit is also a bit fragile. Lucy also gets frazzled when she moves on to her beef. Ian thinks at this moment they should all be worried.

Lucy puts the lemon into her tartare mix too early which makes it cook it. You don’t cook tartare mix. Ian tells her she will probably going in next round. She is completely dazed. Soon the first round is up and some of these tartares look horrendous. Pip doesn’t even have crackers on her plate.

Lucy is first and while her biscuit is great, it isn’t a quality dish. Daniel is next and Ian compliments the taste. The lack of crackers does no favours for Pip and her textures are way off. ‘It’s almost a shame a cow died for that,’ says Ian. Not looking good. Last up is Kelty and his tartare is heralded as the best.

To the results and almost predictably, Pip and Lucy are in the second round. Neither of them want to send the other home. The thing they have to cook this round is…a bombe Alaska! The round works the same as the last round, except this time they are in the Ring WITH Ian Curley!

They have two and a half hours. They both struggle with the custard. They waste half an hour on it which is not good. Pip soon gets flustered as she tries to keep up. After the custard, they begin their ice cream. 90 minutes remain. Lucy begins on the sponge. Pip soon moves on to cooling her cream. She feels she has cooled it enough, but everyone is telling her it needs more whipping. She decides to go against her instincts and whips it more however she over whips her egg whites and the texture goes off.

The challenge is still up and for either Lucy or Pip; it’s the last time they will cook in this kitchen. Onto the tasting. Pip is first for judging. Everything bar the meringue is delicious, says George. Gary agrees. Lucy is next and gets the same kind of critique. George criticises the lack of ‘nipples’ on the meringue. Haha… George said nipples.

In the end, the person leaving MasterChef Australia tonight is…Pip!


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