The Block Sky High Exterior Week begins

The Block Sky High Exterior Week begins

Matt and Kim are off to Lizard Island and the teams are working together. This should be fun.

As usual it’s time for the inspections but this week Jhonno won’t be joining them as he’s at the hospital.

Matt and Kim’s winning rooms are up first and everyone is questioning how they afforded it. Matt and Kim had thought ahead and budgeted. The use of the bedhead is criticised by the contestants because it is hidden. Jarrod is worried that kids will burn themselves on the fireplace. In the fix up room Bec and George call it so much better while Madi doesn’t like it but it is nice.

Alisa and Lysandra Trixie calla it wow Madi wants a soda tap while both mat and Kim and Jarrod Madi could sleep in the swing chairs all day. In the bedroom matt and Kim love the polish rendering but Trixie would stay away from it. As it is matt and Kim’s speciality. They love the lighting as well.

Bec and gorges terraces get a wow. Trixie loves the symmetry of the room. Madi and the twins love it as well. The study is praised by the twins and Trixie for getting rid of the book wall paper. Matt and Kim think it’s a more mature Bec and love the art work.

Madi and Jarrod’s artwork in the foyer is loved. In the terrace the contestants feel like they are in Greece and everyone loves Jarrod table and the bedhead.

Trixie and Jhonno dressing room isn’t loved by the twins who called it tacky. Matt disagrees calling it high end Bec also thinks it’s nicer with doors on. There terrace which the judges didn’t like has pushed trixe to breaking point the contestants think it’s good on the budget but they all would have loved a place to sit and enjoy the view.

Jhonno had to go to the hospital to get a piece of metal removed from his eye and it went well.

As morning opens on the block Keith wakes all the contestants letting him them know they are working for him this week. Eventually everyone’s out of bed as matt and Kim enjoy their holiday and reconnect. This week the contestants will be doing the exterior entrance foyer and rooftop Terence. Trixie is the treasurer but before anything can be spent decsions need to be made. Things like design and what will be on the rooftop. But talks turns to how to prank Kim and matt. Everyone thinks the twins should have won the week as they had the budget and if Kim and matt had spent the amount of money they had on this room. Bec wants to complain. Matt and Kim had pre planned their budget.

The outside will have red bricks which they can utilise as he’s a bricklayer. Discussion turns to what to put on the rooftop but no firm decsions are made.

Keith pulls everyone aside to tell them what they have to they have to do tiles lockers toilet powder room Keith will do the deck pergola and plant boxes. The rest of the space has to be designed by the contestants if they can’t decide matt and Kim will be called.

In the foyer they need to do tiles brickwork walls and the ceilings. With the brickwork they have to use the face bricks picked by the architect they also have to finish the farsard of the building including the painting and ceiling as the scaffolding is coming down so they need to do that first.

Hopefully matt and Kim aren’t required as they are snorkelling. The contestants are cleaning the scaffold. Bec thinks they should delegate sections of the rooftop,

The contestants are one step away from being an 8 star building so they are checking the usage and how it will run without trades involved and it is going really well

Nothing has been done on the huge task at hand and everyone’s having another meeting. Madi thinks they should call up trades and organs quotes Bec disagrees saying that nothing should be sorted until design is done. Trixie thinks that delegating areas is a good idea most teams agree except Madi. Bec thinks of customised foyer art like the park street sign behind glass Madi doesn’t like the idea at all. Keith forgot to mention the stairwell and balustrading needs to be done by the end of the week. The twins are not happy and Madi is getting to them

With everyone working on rooftop design Madi goes to source the tile designs

Keith has had enough the scaffold needs to be cleared within the hour. Madi has 4 different tile options they are grey and the twins don’t like it. Trixie hides the tile she thinks Bec will like and she does. In the end tiles are picked without consulting the girls and they aren’t impressed because group decisions needed to be made together. The episode ends with more shots of matt and Kim on the beach.