Sherlock Cast under strict instructions not to spoil

Sherlock Cast under strict instructions not to spoil

The cast of Sherlock are banned from telling family members and friends a single plot of the upcoming 3rd season. 

Andrew Scott, who plays arch-enemy Moriarty, told the Sunday Mirror, “If I told you what happens they would kill me. I ­never guessed how the last episode would end. It even surprised me.

“It has been fantastic filming the new series but we have all been banned from telling our families or friends what is in the scripts. We are not allowed to speak to anyone.

“I don’t think everyone thought it would be so successful. I can see it still on TV in 20 years as we all started working on it very young.”.

The new series is expected in the last quarter of 2013 in the UK. and hopefully fast tracked here too.


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