Master Chef Australia Season 5 Stefano De Pieri’s elimination

Last night, Andrew left the competition and the blue team failed to sell their dish putting them into elimination along with Jules. So who will depart and how?

The episode opens with a farewell letter from Andrew who was forced to quit due to a medical injury. It’s very clear he was a much loved member of the house. Everyone is nervous about today.

Facing elimination is Vern, Totem, Nicky, Kelty and Jules. Today, they will have a special guest judge create the pressure test dish. That person is Stefano De Pieri. The dish they will be cooking is ravioli stuffed with quail in burnt butter & sage. The contestants are given some advice and Vern is confident. They have 60 minutes to create the dish with a recipe but it’s missing the pasta component.

Everyone is off and racing. Everyone is working on their pasta dough. Nicky wants to sort the pasta before doing anything. Vern is using his own recipe and it’s looking dry.

Jules is kneading her dough along with Totem. Nicky has put his in the fridge. Kelty’s dough is dry and it’s recommended he starts again. He has now started again as Vern puts his in the fridge to rest. Totem, Jules and Vern are now deboning the quail for their stock which takes the rest of the time to boil. Nicky gets a visit from the judges who tell him to breathe and read the recipe. Vern also gets a visit because Stefano does (not)? like how he’s dealing with the quail. Meanwhile, Totem and Jules are working on their stocks.

With 30 minutes left Kelty is struggling with the quail. Everyone’s now working on the fillings. They are all working and the gallery are doing Jules’ head in providing advice for everyone so she tells them to shut up. Nicky has put his mixture in the processer but he left it in there just a little too long and now you can’t see the carrot and it looks like a paste instead of a filling.

With only 15 minutes to go Vern has a lot to do. While Jules is the first one to roll out her pasta and she’s doing sceptically while Totem is 2nd to do roll out his pasta closely followed by Kelty. Nicky’s pasta is too soft so he tries to firm it up by putting it through the machine again.

With 10 minutes, Vern’s pasta is too dry and won’t go through and he’s panicking. It’s not working very well. Nicky and Totem and Jules seem to be doing a good job along with Kelty. Vern finally has some workable pasta dough. With 5 minutes, Vern and Nicky finally get some pasta on while the rest work on the sauce. Eventually everyone finishes just in time.

It’s now time for the tasting. First up is Jules’ ravioli. It is about double the size it should be. Stefano doesn’t like the size but it is good.

Vern is next and the judges aren’t impressed Stefano is surprised that he got a dish out. Matt says the pasta dough is thick but the rest is great.

Kelty is next. Gary calls it perfect

Totem’s was praised for its flavours. The seasoning was lite but the pasta needed to be cooked just a little longer.

Nicky’s was the last to be tasted. George noted that the filling had been in the blender too long and Stefano noted that the quail tastes like liver.

With tasting over it’s time for the results. Vern and Nicky had the most problems tonight. The person leaving the kitchen is Nicky.