House Rules Season One – Final Full House Reveal

House Rules Season One – Final Full House Reveal

The contestants have been renovating house after house for six weeks. Today, their final piece of work will go on display for some handy points. Who will win? What will the scoreboard look like overall?

Plinio is still trying to put his fridge inside the house. Amy & Sean are annoyed as the fridge is preventing them from finishing their deck.

Meanwhile, Jemma & Ben are finally beginning to finish their zone, despite it being the biggest, and are confident with their efforts. Carly & Leighton, who have had a serene week, are now cracking under the pressure.

They all better hurry up as Michelle & Steve are on their way home. Jo comes in the check the progress. Jane & Plinio finally get their fridge in when they remove the front door. They finally get it in! 45 minutes remain!

It’s a race to the finish, but somehow they manage to finish the house! How will Wendy & Jo take it?

They first inspect Carly & Leighton’s lounge and deck. They call the zone spectacular. It really does look amazing. Wendy feels everything where it should be in the lounge room. They think they’ve filled the ‘Waikiki’ brief. Wendy thinks Carly & Leighton are back.

Jane & Plinio’s kitchen and dining area is next! Wendy loves the wallpaper in the dining room however she sees the faults in it. She isn’t sure she loves the kitchen tile. Joe agrees. He calls the kitchen bland. Wendy notices a few unfinished finishes.

Ben & Jemma’s zone is next! Wendy loves the entry, except for the entry mirror. Joe thinks there’s too much going on. They love the wall hangings in the hallway and stairs. Joe calls the hallway bland with bad painting. To the master bedroom and Joe loves the bedspread. Wendy calls the blue in the room ‘subtle’. Wendy likes the feel of the room, but isn’t what they were after.

Nick & Chris had Alex’s bedroom and the bathroom. Wendy can’t believe they’ve created a romantic bedroom. They like it but Joe isn’t sure about the chandelier above the bed. To the bathroom and they love the coloured tiled wall. They also like the deep bath.

To Amy & Sean and Jesse’s bedroom as well as the porch. They think their fold down bed is cool and fun. Joe calls it a proper boy’s bedroom. They call their toilet a non-event. They call it beachy and Hawaiian and call it a good entry.

At home base, Johanna reveals that one team will be eliminated tonight!

To the scores.

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 9 (Wendy) + 9 (Joe) = 18

AMY & SEAN: 8 (Wendy) + 7 (Joe) = 15

NICK & CHRIS: 7 (Wendy) + 7 (Joe) = 14

JEMMA & BEN: 7 (Wendy) + 6 (Joe) = 13

JANE & PLINIO: 5 (Wendy) + 5 (Joe) = 10

It’s now time to see what Michelle & Steve thought of the place. They are blown away! Michelle is wowed to the max. She can’t stop crying through Carly & Leighton’s zone but she also likes Jane & Plinio’s zone. They don’t like the functionality of some of the cupboards near the fridge. They see a lot of finishing error in Jemma & Ben’s space. But they love the master bedroom. Will Michelle like her new wardrobe? No. Now, to Nick & Chris’ bathroom. Will she hate the tiles? Yes! Also, their mirror fell down and cracked. The boys didn’t even know about that. Now to the kids’ bedroom. Alex is blown away by hers. Michelle likes the storage in Alex’s room. They love the toilet, in contrast to the judges. Jesse is impressed with his bedroom. Finally, the front veranda is a hit.

It’s now time for the homeowners’ score.

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 18 + 10 (The first perfect 10 given to any home owner) = 28

AMY & SEAN: 15 + 7 = 22

NICK & CHRIS: 14 + 4= 18

JEMMA & BEN: 13 + 3= 16

JANE & PLINIO: 10 + 5= 15

With that, Jane & Plinio are in last place with Carly & Leighton in first. They are then told that every score from each renovation has been combined into one leaderboard. The least placed team will be sent packing.

Here are the rankings:


JEMMA & BEN, WA: 106





With that, Jane & Plinio have been eliminated. Their next challenge will be that they have to reinvent one zone in their own house. They only have 24 hours to get the work done. The leaderboard has been reset. When the challenge is finished, another team will be eliminated.