The Mole Kicks off Next week

The Mole Kicks off Next week

The Mole has an Airdate. but will it work in a stripped format. I am not so sure.

Returning to TV for the first time since 2005, the worldwide reality hit features 12 Australians from all corners of the country competing for a prize of up to $250,000.

Blindfolded and dropped in the middle of an isolated coastline, they must find their way out. And all they know is that someone in
their ranks is „The Mole‟ – an individual planted in the team to sabotage their every move.

The Mole‟s job is to create confusion and use whatever means possible to stop the group winning money – while remaining undetected along the way. For everyone else, uncovering The Mole‟s identity is the only way to survive, and to have a shot at winning the money.
The unique reality format creates unprecedented tension and conflict between contestants in a game of double-cross, dirty tricks and dishonesty. And the question is the same for contestants and viewers alike: Who is The Mole?

“It could be something as small as a blink or a smirk that could reveal The Mole,” says host Shura
Taft. “The appeal of The Mole is that it‟s a game the audience can feel a part of not only because
of the exciting challenges but the psychological aspect drawing the viewer into the mystery of
working out who‟s the Mole.”

“The fact one of the contestants is actually trying to sabotage what the others are trying to
achieve is fantastic intrigue.”

The Mole premieres on Tuesday July 2 at 7.30pm on Channel Seven. It continues on Wednesday
at 7.30pm and Thursday at 8pm for at least the first two weeks.

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