Malissa Risks It For The Biscuit

Malissa Risks It For The Biscuit

Tonight, Declan, Brent, Rhiannon, Cath and Malissa competed to secure their spot in the top five. While Theo enjoyed the view and safety from the gantry, internationally renowned pastry chef and chocolate queen, Kirsten Tibballs had set up a hand-selected dessert pantry to challenge tonight’s cooks.

Alongside a timer set to 90 minutes, contestants were given a limited selection of ingredients. Whatever time and ingredients they didn’t use in round one, formed the pantry and cook time in round two, where the least impressive dish sent its maker home.

After struggling to formulate a plan, Brent decided his smartest choice was to play his immunity pin before he joined Theo on the gantry.   

Rhiannon’s strategy was to go fast in round one to allow herself the most time in round two. She made a lemon cake, raspberry sauce and bitter almonds that received positive feedback from judges. Malissa made chocolate parfait with raspberry and ginger sauce and almond crumb. She finished second and while Kirsten was impressed by the texture and flavours of her dish, her raspberry sauce was critiqued for not being strained of seeds. Cath made olive oil chocolate mousse with hazelnut praline and vanilla biscuits. She used up more time than she hoped, but was praised for the presentation and concept despite her mousse needing more time to set.

Declan put all his effort into round one to avoid round two. He made choux buns topped with raspberry craquelin, with hazelnut praline and tempered chocolate. He completed his dish with only 33 minutes remaining, but his strategy paid off. The judges were seriously impressed with his technique and praised Declan’s progress, deeming him safe and earning his place in the top five.

In round two, Rhiannon made a chocolate fondant with lemon crumb and hazelnut ice cream. Upon plating, her fondant broke and oozed leaving her defeated but pleased to have plated up all elements. Cath set off to make flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry coulis and Malissa made a hazelnut ice cream sandwich with a ganache centre. She added baking powder to ensure her biscuits would be soft and well risen.

The judges agreed that Cath’s dessert ticked all the boxes and was a classic done right. While Rhiannon’s presentation suffered, the judges noted that her dish delivered on flavour and texture. Malissa’s ice cream was delicious and her ganache added a perfect balance, but the dominant flavour of baking powder left an unpleasant aftertaste, which unfortunately sent her home.

Malissa had the full MasterChef experience having been in almost all eliminations and pressure tests. She won and played an immunity pin and became a new cook over the journey. Without a dry eye in the kitchen, Malissa said her farewells, grateful for the experience


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