The Rush to Brazil is on

The Rush to Brazil is on

It’s the global adventure of a lifetime! Three teams of four strangers are dropped into some of the biggest festivals and cultural events in the world. Across nine different countries, the teams have one mission: be the first to get to the Escape Zone and move on to the next destination. The first country: Brazil.

Team Navy includes Madi, Sofia, Tylen and Tommy. Team Gold consists of Lola, Priscilla, Saxon and CK. And Najmah, Fiona, Adam and Hamish make up Team Scarlet.

The teams are dropped into Rio de Janeiro where the countdown plays in their headphones, as the world’s largest festival beats around them. 3,2,1…what a RUSH! The teams take their goggles and headphones off to a sensory overload – the electric atmosphere of Rio Carnival is buzzing around them. They can’t help but join in the festivities; dancing and laughing while questioning where in the world they are. Madi from Team Navy cracks it first – “we’re in Rio for Carnival!”.

Suddenly, their watches ping – it’s a message from host David Genat with a cryptic clue! “Atop a mountain you’ll see a light. Redemption awaits, it’s a mesmerising sight”. Teams must work to solve the clue to hopefully find David Genat at the iconic Christ the Redeemer. Working together well, Team Scarlet arrives first where they are given a dossier containing information about the missions they need to complete as well as some local currency, before making their way to the ultimate goal: the Escape Zone. After a slow start and some initial bickering, Team Navy finds DG…only to discover they’re in second place behind Team Scarlet. But Team Gold are in a world of trouble after a taxi driver demands more money than they bargained for. They are the final team to find DG which places them last in the race.

On day two, all three teams set off to complete their mission. Team Scarlet start first, Team Navy second and Team Gold last. They must find the largest favela in Rio, Rocinha, and score against the locals in a game of soccer. Scoring won’t be easy; soccer is the national sport of Brazil and the favela is a dangerous place and doesn’t take kindly to strangers.

Team Scarlet finds a group of young kids willing to play and after an assist from Adam, Najmah scores! They run off to their next stop, the coastal town of Paraty. Upon learning it’s a 4-hour journey, Hamish declares the bus to be best (and cheapest) option, but Najmah has reservations as to whether it’s the right decision.

Both Team Navy and Team Gold decide a taxi is the faster option, despite the expense. Madi from Team Navy barters down a taxi driver while Team Gold starve themselves all day so they can afford what they believe is the fastest option to get to Paraty.

Team Scarlet are so confident they are in the lead, they decide to explore the town and try the local cuisine. But you must never become complacent in this race! Team Navy and Team Gold arrive in Paraty after taking a taxi and check in first and second. Team Scarlet’s decision try the local cuisine puts them in a devastating third place.

For the final day in Brazil, teams must face a brutal hike in the jungle before finding DG at the Escape Zone in Paca Beach. The last team to make it to the Escape Zone will need to vote out one of their team members. The hike is not for the faint hearted and between Team Scarlet’s food detour last night and one of its members Najmah struggling on the hike, Team Scarlet is unable to make up ground and arrive to the Escape Zone last. Team Scarlet must now make a tough decision and vote out one of their own. Due to her struggles on the hike, Najmah is eliminated


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