MAFS Reunion Participants Reflect

MAFS Reunion Participants Reflect

The experts welcome the group to their final night to reflect on the major moments in the experiment. Off the back of last night’s Dinner Party, there are clearly many open wounds and tonight is a night for respect, openness and honesty to reflect on it all. The experts show the group moments from their wedding days and they are a mixture of emotion, laughs and tears.

Tahnee and Ollie are first up on the couch and start off by explaining that their relationship status is officially boyfriend/girlfriend. Tahnee feels really lucky about their journey in the experiment and how they’ve made it work on the outside. Ollie admits that he is in love with Tahnee and he is moving to Sydney to be with her.

Sandy and Dan are next to come to the couch. The group sees a vision of Hugo admitting that Dan did say terrible things about Sandy on the boys night that became the subject of the butt dial. The group is shocked. Dan and Sandy fight and Dan disagrees at every turn. John tells Dan that he says ‘No’ all the time, which dismisses any partner he’s with and makes her feel insignificant. John tells Dan this is not appropriate in a relationship and he should learn from this. The experts commend Sandy for her bravery throughout the experiment.

Melinda & Layton are a picture of love on the couch. Melinda explains that she expected to feel a spark on the wedding day, and she was disappointed when she didn’t but those feelings grew, and now she feels Layton is her person. There’s plenty of laughter and tears while watching their package. They both admit that there have been plenty of ups and downs but by doing the work they have been able to grow. Layton says he’s falling in love with Melinda even more. They say they both see a future with each other. Melinda wants five children and always wants Layton with her in her future.

The experts bring up Lyndall and Cameron and start off by saying that they had high hopes for their relationship and can see there are still open wounds. They both admit they are happier since leaving the experiment and being home.

After seeing their relationship play back, Lyndall explains how hard it was to watch as the beginning of their relationship was so good and there was affection, but it all went so bad at the end. Cameron believes there was a lot of pressure at the start and he was affectionate because of the pressure. Lyndall questions this and lets Cameron know how offensive it is that he’s even saying that. The experts ask about his relationship with Tayla but Cameron denies anything there. Tayla gets nervous when asked and accidentally shows her cards that she probably does have feelings for Cameron but nothing has happened “yet”. Cameron admits he came to the experiment not ready for a relationship. Cameron tries to apologise to Lyndall for the way he treated her. Lyndall calls Cameron out for not being remorseful and lists all the ways he has hurt her, finishing off by telling him to “be better”. The experts urge Cameron to take her advice – and wish them the best for the future.

Alyssa and Duncan are up next and Alyssa explains that she felt heartbroken by the final vows. Duncan isn’t happy that Alyssa’s comments last night questioned his character. Alyssa apologises to Duncan and the group for her behaviour last night. Alyssa cries watching their relationship played back. When asked by John how she feels watching it back Alyssa admits she should have seen it coming and apologises to Duncan. Alyssa acknowledges to John that she shouldn’t have been as emotionally charged at times and she shouldn’t have walked away in the hard times. Alyssa wishes Duncan all the best and says she’s sorry. Duncan thanks Alyssa and wishes her all the best.

Jesse and Claire are the last on the couch. Alessandra starts by commending the couple for having love and respect for each other after the experiment. Claire and Jesse are both emotional watching their package and Claire says she feels disgusted by her own behaviour and for gaslighting Jesse. Jesse says that he developed strong enough feelings for Claire to get jealous, to cry and to forgive her. John questions Adam on his deceit. Adam apologises again and Jesse accepts his apology.

Jesse says he feels like he’s an even better guy now after being in the experiment. Claire says this experiment has shone a light on her behaviours she wants to improve and is grateful for the respect that Jesse has given her. Both Claire and Jesse agree the end of this experiment is the start of their friendship and that Claire is going to Perth for a visit


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