KAK Unpacks, Nathan Upchucks, Dom Makes-Up.

KAK Unpacks, Nathan Upchucks, Dom Makes-Up.

The tears in jungle last night were flowing faster than you can say “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”. Here’s what went down in camp town.

As Kerri-Anne Kennerley woke from her first night in camp, she immediately regretted her most recent life choice. Peter Helliar joined her on washing up duty, and as the old saying goes, dish time means time to dish (we just made that up, but it works, so we are rolling with it).

KAK opened up about the “boys club” that existed when she first started in television; chauvinism and harassment, and hideous behaviour by executives hitting on young women while their male counterparts were off taking long lunch breaks.

Shockingly, KAK, had her own “me too” moment, when a station owner unzipped her dress at a work Christmas party, at which time she responded with “Zip it back up, or I’ll deck you”. All hail Queen KAK!

In an emotional moment around the camp fire, Liz Ellis and Deb Lawrencediscovered they were both older when they had their children, having suffered miscarriages following multiple IVF sessions.

Dom delved into the MAFS Only Fans saga, saying that she made the choice to put those photos out there but not to be publicly shamed for doing so. This broke her as a person. But in positive news, her Only Fans account meant she had a deposit on a house, which gave Liz the idea that she could start her very our Only Fans account and talk about netball in her cossie. We’d subscribe to that.

A nervous, sweaty, hungry, and self-proclaimed germaphobe, Nathan departed for the trial, Grave Danger. He bravely crawled his way through a tunnel filled with every repulsive critter and smell our twisted trials team could conjure up. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to Australian audiences who were eating dinner at the time of this trial. Nathan’s dry reaching deserved a Logie (have we mentioned we’ve won one of those?). After all that torture, Nathan scored 12 stars.

Things took a dramatic turn after dinner when Dicko attempted to properly welcome KAK to camp, but Dom had other ideas. She wanted to know how KAK was allowed to have make-up in camp.  This sparked a heated exchange between Dicko and Dom, leaving her in tears. KAK sat with Dom explaining that the makeup was a dealbreaker to her entering the jungle, and left her with some solid advice about taking charge and making strong decisions. Dicko and Dom also made sure they didn’t go to bed angry, burying the hatchet and it’s once again, happy campers!

Australia has voted for KAK and Aesha to participate in tomorrow’s trial, Take The Plunge. Will our TV icon and Below Deck star take the plunge or will they be screaming those eight words?


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