MAFS Final Weddings lead to two different outcomes

The final two weddings feature two brides with very different attitudes when it comes to sex on the first night of marriage. It was a topic that sparked debate when Melissa and Melinda met for the first time, at the Hen’s Night.

The self-proclaimed ‘Mama Bear’ of the group, 41-year-old single mum Melissa has been dating unsuccessfully for 10 years. Melissa can tend to attract a dominant alpha male which hasn’t worked for her in the past but she still wants a manly man – a ‘Thor’ – someone with a big presence both physically and in personality. The experts have decided to give Melissa what she needs, not what she wants in Disney-loving dad-of-two Josh. But it turns out Josh is exactly what Melissa was hoping for and they hit it off immediately.

Meanwhile, Melinda has been matched with fellow business mogul, Layton. The pair share similar values of ambition, drive, and success, and on paper they appear to be the perfect match. However, when they meet, Melinda is instantly put off by Layton’s physical appearance and she suspects his smooth chat and impeccable presentation is a facade. After an awkward photoshoot, Melinda makes clear her distaste to her bridesmaids and despite everyone at the reception really liking Layton, Melinda is refusing to give him a chance.

While Melinda’s friends rally round Layton, it’s the opposite story for Melissa and Josh. Melissa’s friends don’t believe that Josh will be man enough for her and they make their feelings very clear to a dumbfounded Melissa. She decides to go with her instinct and trust her feelings with Josh – she really likes him and she can’t wait for the honeymoon to begin.

Layton’s speech melts Melinda’s heart and she realises she may have jumped to conclusions about him too soon. They share a moment on the dancefloor and Melinda is all but won over, until they get back to the honeymoon suite.

It’s the morning after and upon waking up ahead of the honeymoons, there is confusion as to whether Melissa and Josh had sex: Melissa claims they did, while Josh is adamant they didn’t. The mystery around intimacy continues on their honeymoon, leaving Melissa concerned for their future.


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