MAFS First Dinner Party Dishes up the Drama

The honeymoons are ending, and while some of our couples are making the most of their last day in newlywed bliss, others are at breaking point. Although Melissa and Josh have managed to resolve their issues around intimacy, both Bronte and Harrison, and Jesse and Claire are returning to Sydney on icy terms. 

In Sydney, everyone is glamming up with excitement and anticipation for the first Dinner Party of the Experiment. After giving Bronte the space she requested following their last disagreement, Harrison wants to be back on the same page so they call a truce and plan to enter the Dinner Party together. Meanwhile Claire visits Jesse with the hope of an apology and resolution, but instead their wedge grows deeper, and they set off for the Dinner Party separately.

The cocktail party commences and amongst the love, the drama simmers as Bronte updates Lyndall and the girls about what happened at her wedding. When Claire enters alone, the girls rally around her in support as she recounts her honeymoon drama. And when Jesse arrives last, things take an awkward turn when Claire gives him a beer, but he refuses her offer for a chat. The tension is high, and dinner is served.    

With everyone seated, it is a war of silence between Jesse and Claire. Jesse sits mute as Claire tells her side of the table but after prompts from others, he finally speaks up… only to be interrupted as Claire and Bronte double down on him ‘shushing’ Claire during their honeymoon. He finally admits that he has withdrawn from Claire, and they remain at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Melissa and Melinda quash their Hen’s night rivalry after Melissa offers Melinda advice to overcome her lack of attraction to Layton. 

The drama rears its head again when Bronte and Harrison’s truce is challenged by Harrison telling his side of the wedding story. He seemingly wins over the table, but Melinda has none of it as she calls out his inconsistencies. Harrison gets defensive, and when Bronte mentions that she does have uncertainties, Harrison accuses Bronte of not putting any effort into their relationship. She leaves the table in tears with Tahnee and Caitlin by her side.

The question is, how will the couples in turmoil fare in the next phase of the Experiment: Move Ins and Confessions Week.


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