There Goes The First Hero

Frozen pizzas, challenges thrown, heroes going Rogue. If you missed tonight’s epic episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, then buckle up, because here’s how it went down.

The Heroes had survived eight days without going to a single Tribal Council, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Hayley. With a “winners curse” hanging over her head – no returnee player who has won the game before has ever survived their first Tribal Council – she needed to divert attention away from herself.

After the Heroes won the Reward Challenge, Hayley’s plan began to take shape at the frozen pizza feast. With Rogue becoming increasingly antagonistic, Hayley realised she could leverage this and use it to her advantage. If the Heroes were to lose the next Immunity Challenge and go to Tribal Council, all eyes would be on Rogue.

With support from Shaun and Ben, Hayley threw the challenge, sending the Heroes tribe to their first Tribal Council.

Recognising Hayley’s brilliance in orchestrating a vote on Rogue, Shaun (who also just nabbed himself a sweet looking necklace in the form of an Idol) secured enough numbers to blindside her. But when Rogue goes rogue at Tribal Council, attacking the Heroes tribe and asking for them to write her name down, Shaun’s plan falls by the wayside and Rogue was sent home.


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