Love Me Review

Love Me Review

On Sunday, Binge releases its first Australian original in the form of Love Me.

When we begin, we are introduced to anaesthetist Clara (Bojana Novakovic), who works at a busy hospital. She wants a family and learns for kids, but they remain out of reach. Not that she hasn’t put herself out there, but it’s been disaster date after disaster date. Her friend Sacha (Celia Pacquola), who has everything Clara aspires to have, tells her she will find someone soon. Turns out soon is later that evening when she runs into Peter (Bob Morley) – could he be Mr Right for Clara?

Elsewhere, Clara’s younger brother Aaron (William Lodder) is in his final year of law school, applying for summer placements, and making declaration to his girlfriend Ella, a rising DJ. Both of them love each other, but will they be able to find a way forward?

Then there’s their parents Christine (Sarah Peirse) and Glen (Hugo Weaving), who are about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Glen is organising a special surprise trip on Senior Love Romantica, but one unforeseen event will change the Mathieson’s lives forever, setting the stage for each of them to find the meaning of love in the various stages of their lives.

Casting is a mix of talent, with Hugo, Bojana and Aaron all giving captivating performances. Keep an eye out too for Heather Mitchell as Anita and Mitizi Ruhlmann as Jesse.

Lead writer Allison Bell and the team have assembled something magical that is so perfectly balanced in the complex emotions that love can bring on.

Love Me needs to go to the top of your watch list immediately.

5 Stars

Love Me drops on Binge on Boxing Day.


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