Bump Season 2 Review

Bump Season 2 Review

This weekend, Stan releases a fresh new season of Bump.

For those who haven’t seen season one, or are a bit foggy on the details, here’s a quick refresher. Olympia ‘Oly’ Chalmers-Davis (Nathalie Morris) was an over-achieving year 11 student who knew exactly where she was going in life until she fell pregnant to aspiring artist Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr), and gave birth to Jacinda.

When we pick up again in season two, Oly and Santi are still in love and juggling the demands of young parenthood. But Santi’s unexpected fatherhood is catching up on him, bringing back memories of his own childhood. Meanwhile Oly is still trying to have it all.

Elsewhere, Rosa (Paula Garcia) unleashes on the Chalmers-Davis house, on the warpath after the revelation of Angie (Claudia Karvan) and Matias’ (Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez) relationship. To complicate things, just as Angie and Dom (Angus Sampson) are getting used to their separation, they are about to be reunited with their son Bowie (Christain Byers).

Without giving too much more away, things are about to get a whole lot more bumpy for both households.

Creator Kelsey Munro and the team have expanded on the world without losing the magical quality of delivering a show that’s full of heart but isn’t afraid to pull some very emotional punches.

The cast are delightful and it’s great to see the teen group get a bigger focus on Reema (Safia Arain), Madison (Sarah Meacham), and Zac (Ioane Saula).

Life is bumpy and chaotic, and Bump delivers what promises to be another much-loved season.

5 Stars

Bump premieres on Stan on Boxing Day.


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