Five Bedrooms Season 3 Review

Five Bedrooms Season 3 Review

Paramount+ is kicking off 2022 with a fresh new season of Five Bedrooms.

When we left our favourite quintet at the end of season 2, not all that long ago, Ainsley (Katie Robertson) had suffered the heartbreaking loss of Evie, while Harry (Roy Joseph) as reeling from the breakdown of his open relationship with Xavier. Elsewhere, Heather (Doris Younane) was toying with the prospect of going back to university, Liz (Kat Stewart) moved to London to complete her Master’s Degree at Cambridge, and Ben’s (Stephen Peacocke) relationship was going from strength to strength.

When we open season three, some time has passed since Liz’s departure, and we enter the series through the eyes of Ben. We meet him on a soaring high, having turned the nursery into a functioning bed and breakfast that’s finally ready for its debut. And it’s a good thing too, because Liz has lined up their very first guest, an intimidating lawyer colleague Geri and her wife Sam. But what happens when Ben’s teenage daughter arrives in the middle of the night?

While everyone else seems to have welcomed the significant changes in their lives, Harry is feeling completely and utterly stuck and thrown for a loop when a face from his past returns. Elsewhere, Heather has started with university, and Ainsley is moving forward in her relationship with Simmo (Johnny Carr).

Without giving too much more away, creators Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett have moved the characters forward in exciting new ways. The cast is a joy to watch and it really comes across onscreen.

Five Bedrooms is the perfect start to the New Year.

5 Stars

Five Bedrooms drops on Paramount+ New Years Day.


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