Lost Boys & Fairies Review

Lost Boys & Fairies Review

Stan has released the newest UK drama in the form of Lost Boys & Fairies.

Lost Boys & Fairies tells the story of singer and artiste-extraordinaire Gabriel (Sion Daniel Young) and his partner Andy (Fra Fee) on their journey to adoption. Taking their relationship to the next level, the pair must convince their social worker Jackie (Elizabeth Berrington) that they’re up to the task.

Gabe is adamant he wants to adopt a girl, because boys are “nothing but trouble”, but it becomes clear that there are several reasons why. Between Gabe’s growing up queer in a religious family, multiple childhood traumas that led to years of drug and sex addiction, and a fraught relationship with his father, there are lots of things Gabe is trying to conceal from Jackie.

But secrets always have a way to coming to the surface.

When their paths cross with seven-year-old Jake (Leo Harris), Gabe is forced to deal with his issues and maybe grow up just a little in order step up and be there for Jake. As much as this is Gabe and Andy’s adoption story, Jake and his issues are a crucial element.

This three-part BBC drama, which is very loosely inspired by screenwriter Daj James’ own experiences – deals with a lot across its three hours but perfectly balances the heavy with heart and humour in a story you will absolutely devour.

With compelling performances from all involved, Lost Boys & Fairies is a drama not to be missed.

4 Stars

Lost Boys & Fairies is now streaming on Stan


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