Clipped Review

Clipped Review

Yesterday, Disney+ released its newest drama in the form of Clipped.

When we begin Clipped it’s 2013 and we meet Doc Rivers (Laurence Fishburne), the real-life basketball coach of the LA Clippers, as he takes over the so-called “worst franchise in NBA history”. He has reservations about taking on the job thanks to owner Donald Sterling (Ed O’Neill) who is a very hands-on owner and is very tight with the budget, doing things like offering stale deli platter for lunch.

Rivers should be nervous given that Sterling’s personal assistant V. Stivano (Cleopatra Coleman) finds her way into all the meetings and recording everything. Sterling’s wife Shelly (Jacki Weaver) doesn’t like her one bit, but she’s clearly dealt with her fair-share of assistants over the years. Filing a lawsuit against V, Shelly’s move backfires when Sterling’s unflattering quotes get leaked to the media.

Showrunner Gina Welch (FEUD: Bette and Joan) oversees this dramatization which allows Shelly, V, and Donald the bulk of the story while also expanding beyond and looking at the impact the comments have on those in their orbits.

With compelling performances from O’Neill, Colman, Weaver, and Fishburne, Clipped is one to add to your watch-list.

3.5 Stars

The first two episodes are now available to stream on Disney+, with new episodes weekly until July 2.


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