Trailblazers Review

Trailblazers Review

This week, Stan released its next sport original in Trailblazers, focusing on the story of one of the nation’s most popular sporting teams – the Matildas.

The rise to popularity hasn’t been easy for women’s sports, with women forced to stop playing the worlds game in the post-war period. But things took a huge step forward in 1974 with the formation of the Australian Soccer Association, and so Trailblazers looks at the 40-year journey of our beloved Matildas.

From FIFA organising the first women’s match in1979 when the team had no support, and the first World Cup in 1991, to the introduction as an Olympic sport in 1996, and Australia and New Zealand hosting the World Cup in 2023.

Created by Maggie Miles and Maggie Eudes, Trailblazers gives viewers access to past players like Julie Dolan, Karn Menzies, and Moya Dodd, as well as current stars like Ellie Carpenter, Mary Fowler, and Sam Kerr.

At a tight 37-minutes, the documentary looks at Australian’s beloved women’s national football team and their trials and tribulations that paved the way to become so beloved.

3 Stars

Trailblazers is now streaming on Stan


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