Locky Meets The Families as Lockdown concludes on The Bachelor

Locky Meets The Families as Lockdown concludes on The Bachelor

As lockdown continued to cause havoc Locky continued his quest for love.

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, Osher announced that the women who receive a rose in the next Rose Ceremony can safely return to the mansion. he  also invited Bella, Steph, Nicole and Roxi on a group date with Locky… and their loved ones.

The family members wasted no time asking Locky the hard-hitting questions. However, he effortlessly charmed them, and they left their conversations with glowing reviews. While Roxi’s mum warned him of her alter ego Rhonda, Bella’s mother took a notable shine to Locky, even commenting that she would not be opposed to them getting engaged at the end.

The girls had bigger things to worry about though, with Osher introducing Locky to new Bachelorette Bec. The 25-year-old senior beauty consultant from Queensland described herself as carefree, adventurous and looking for someone who lives life to the full.


This resonated with Locky and as their virtual single date progressed, they talked about their hopes for the future. Locky could not help but feel like she ticked all his boxes. Captivated by her confidence and their immediate spark, Locky gave Bec a rose.


Bec’s entrance and the fact she received a rose put the other Bachelorettes on high alert, especially Roxi who logged onto a one-on-one chat with Maddy.


During their private conversation, Roxi questioned Bec’s intentions and suggested her connection with Locky was purely physical. Moments later, their chat was interrupted by none other than Juliette and Bec.


As Bec told the girls that her date with Locky was filled with deep and meaningful conversation, Juliette asked Roxi if she wanted to retract her original claims about Bec. Roxi was upset that Juliette called her out and an argument between the two ensued.


At the rose ceremony, 23-year-old professional dancer Nicole was sent home.