Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story Trailer

Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story Trailer

10 has released a trailer for Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story.

It was one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in Australian history. And now, 40 years after Azaria Chamberlain’s disappearance, it is time to hear the true narrative about what happened on that fateful night, and the devastation that followed the Chamberlain family for years to come.


In a Network 10 exclusive, Lindy Chamberlain and her family share their side of the story and their all consuming heartbreak from losing their baby girl, to the never ending nightmare that was Lindy’s prosecution, conviction, imprisonment and exoneration for Azaria’s murder.


Narrated by Sam Neill, Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story also features insights and exclusive interviews with eyewitnesses, high profile media, high court judges and family friends, giving viewers the complete story from start to finish.


Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story is coming soon to 10.