Locky Loves Irena

Locky Loves Irena

In the magical finale of The Bachelor Australia, our lockdown Bachelor, Locky Gilbert pledged his love to nurse, Irena Srbinovska, proving that not even a global pandemic can stand in the way of love.

With two very different bachelorettes to choose from, Locky called on his mum for a bit of advice. With both ladies nervous to meet the first lady to  have claimed Locky’s heart, Bella nervously rambled through conversation, while Irena silently retreated.

Reporting back to Locky, his mum could easily see why her son had fallen for both ladies. While she felt Bella was a strong, confident woman who would be able to reign Locky back when needed, she could feel Irena’s soft, caring nature shine through. She thought that Irena was an absolute sweetheart, but worried she wouldn’t be able to stand up to her son.

With one last chance to test their connection, Locky invited Irena out for their final date. Taking their relationship off the beaten path, they went on a four-wheel driving adventure. Both were in their element, and shared a glimpse into what their life together would look like. Wanting Locky to be her future husband and the father of her children, Irena worried that her past relationship patterns would see Locky find a future, without her in it.

While cosied up, Locky was ready to ask the hard-hitting questions. Raising his mum’s concern that Irena wouldn’t be able to stand up for herself, he felt reassured when she told him she could be tough when needed, and had no problem saying ‘no’. As they went for a late-night dip, Locky admitted to Irena that he’d fallen in love with her.

The next day, Locky surprised Bella with a chopper ride around the Hunter Valley. Touching down on a gorgeous field, they were treated to a breathtaking, private performance from a classical orchestra.

Drawing up his sleeve, Locky revealed he was wearing the pin Bella had gifted him the first time they’d met. Saying he’s a big believer in love at first sight, Locky admitted he’d fallen in love with Bella, and the two shared an intimate kiss.

Ending their night with a swim, Locky asked Bella how she imagined their next steps. Unable to give him a clear picture, Bella said she didn’t care what the future looked like, so long as it was with Locky.

Battling intense feelings for both ladies, Locky struggled to make his decision. Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, he faced an inner battle to leave one of the ladies he had deeply fallen in love with.

As Bella arrived at the commitment ceremony, Locky immediately broke down into tears. Telling Bella that he meant it when he said he loved her, he felt Bella’s uncertainty about the future left them on two very different pages. Stunned at Locky’s rejection, Bella asked to leave. Not buying that Locky loved her, Bella was teary as she ended her chapter with Locky.


Knowing Irena was the lady he wanted to build a future with, Locky couldn’t help but smile as he saw her approaching. Irena was everything he wanted in a partner and he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Telling Irena how in love with her he was, the two shared an emotional embrace, as they crossed the finish line of this crazy ride.



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