Utopia Review

Utopia Review

This week Amazon releases its hotly-anticipated original Utopia.


When we begin Utopia, we are introduced to a couple Oliva  (Maya Kazam and Ethan  Callum Worthy) who have just inherited a house. While clearing it out they discover an unpublished manuscript of ‘Utopia’, a sequel to a comic with diehard fans. When word spreads about the find, a group of comic fans, who meet online and bond over their obsession of a seemingly fictional comic, agree to meet IRL at Fringecon and pool their resources to buy the comic from the couple.


Together, the smart Becky (Ashleigh LaThorp), who’s need to read the comic maybe an actual case of life and death; Ian (Dan Bryd), who craves a more exciting life outside the virtual world; Samantha (Jessica Rothe), a sharp-witted and natural-born leader; eccentric conspiracy theorist Wilson Wilson (Desmin Borges); and street-smart Grant (Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton), are drawn into a quest to save the world as ‘Utopia’ may not be just a work of fiction.

This US adaptation based on the 2013 British series, penned by Gillian Flyn (Sharp Objects), is a captivating binge full of twists and turns throughout eight one-hour episodes, seven of which were watched for this review.

The cast make this a delight to watch as each embodies the characters so well that it’s hard to single anyone out.

Strap in for one of 2020’s most exciting adventures.


4 Stars.

Utopia launches on Amazon Prime Video on 25 September.



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