South Park. The Pandemic Special, Fast-Tracked To 10 Shake

Fans of South Park take note The Pandemic Special is airing on 10 Shake this week.

The Emmy® and Peabody® Award-winning series is back to unapologetically slap, slap, slap some home truths into us, with their eye watering social commentary focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic.  


In a one hour special, Randy comes to terms with the part he played in the outbreak, and the solution isn’t as simple as knocking out that wall to make a more “open concept”. We follow the residents of Park County as they face the challenges of the pandemic, and head back to skewwwwl with the gang as they face the new normal. 

Different teacher, different homeroom, different Cartman. Not even Mysterion can salvage what’s left of 2020, but maybe a trip to South Park can.

8.30pm Thursday October 1 on 10 Shake