Little Fires Everywhere Review

Little Fires Everywhere Review
Little Fires Everywhere -- "Seeds and All" - Episode 102 -- As Moody’s friendship with Pearl deepens, Elena’s relationship with Mia grows increasingly strained. Unsettled by a faulty reference, Elena snoops into Mia’s past while Lexie worries about her Yale admissions essay. Mia bonds with her immigrant co-worker Bebe Chow, who makes a confession with far-reaching consequences. Mia (Kerry Washington), Writer Celeste Ng and Elena (Reese Witherspoon), shown. (Photo by: Erin Simkin/Hulu)

Thisweek, Amazon releases the hotly anticipated Little Fires Everywhere, but will it set you alight?

Little Fires Everywhere begins with a literal fire when we meet Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon), who is in her house at the time of the fire. The blame quickly lands on Elena’s daughter Izzy (Megan Stott), but just as they hook us in, we are taken back four months when Elena discovers Mia (Kerry Washington) sleeping in her car with her daughter Pearl (Lexi Underwood) and calls the police.

It’s not long before Mia finds a place to rent on her wage and it’s not long before Pearl meets the rest of the Richardson clan, which includes Elena’s lawyer husband Bill (Joshua Jackson), the smart Lexie (Jade Pettyjohn), shy Moody (Gavin Lewis), jock Trip (Jordan Elsass) and the aforementioned black sheep Izzy.

While Pearl longs for stability and comfort of the Richardson’s lifestyle, particularly once she befriends Moody and takes a shining to Trip, Izzy starts to take a shining to Pearl. There is no doubt that the duo will clash, but when and why, and just what will happen when they do?

Adapted by Liz Tifelarr, the first episode rockets along with tension building all through the first three episodes watched for this review, as the series deals with race, secrets and motherhood.

Casting-wise, everyone is top notch, and naturally, the big names of Reese and Kerry make this a joy to watch. But it’s the three young stars – Gavin, Lexi and Megan – who keep the show moving.

Set yourself down on a cold weekend and let the fire burn; you won’t regret it.

3.5 Stars

Little Fires Everywhere drops Friday on Amazon Prime.