Will Heather Cause Havoc?

Will Heather Cause Havoc?

She’s the Neighbours villain that everyone loves to hate, but just what does Heather have up her sleeve this time?

After spotting her in the halls of the prison earlier this week, it was only a matter of time before Heather (Kerry Armstrong) was back in our lives, and now Andrea and Dee (Madeleine West) are in for a surprise.

The last time we saw Heather was following the revelation that she was, in fact, Dee’s biological mother, and since then she has been in the psych ward. However, Toadie (Ryan Maloney) is left shocked when Dee informs him that she’s seen her mother at the prison, sending Karl (Alan Fletcher) to check in on Heather to see what on earth is going on. How will Andrea react to having her mother join her, and what will Dee do with this startling revelation?

Surely this mother-daughter duo reuniting can only spell bad news for Toadie and Dee…

Kerry Armstrong steps back into the role with so much ease that I’m relishing in her return and can’t wait to see where this new arc takes us. This story really just keeps on giving, and I for one am excited to see where it goes.

Strap yourselves in for this deelightful new twist.

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