Lilly Pads Decide Lego Masters Finalists

Lilly Pads Decide Lego Masters Finalists

In this vibrant and colourful Semi Final episode of LEGO® Masters: Australia Vs. The World our remaining four teams, including two Australian and two International, battle it out for one of three coveted places in the Grand Finale!

Teams are tasked with creating an eye-catching build that will both balance and float on a lily pad that will live in a pond surrounded by a lush green jungle. The catch is that each team has to feature one predominant colour as decided by the previous episode winners, Shane and Dianne. The Aussie mum and son duo choose yellow for themselves, light blue for Team Germany; Felix and Annalena, purple for Team USA; Krystle and Michelle, and pink for fellow Aussies Ben and Eric.  Today, the four teams have 10 hours to complete the Lily Pad world.

Aussie’s Shane and Dianne are making waves with their superpower of colour selection, they snagged themselves yellow. Being the brightest option to contrast against the green background puts them a head above the rest. They decide to go big or go home and build a large giraffe wearing overalls, sitting on the lily pad and fishing in the pond; “Yellow Fishing Giraffe”. This is their biggest build yet and they are determined to risk it to get that grand finale place biscuit. Being the only team in the room to not test their build on the lily pad, they really are leaving it all on the line today.

Germans Felix and Annalena have the hardest colour to make stand out in a green world so they have to create something big that catches the eye. Leaning into Annalena’s incredible brick building ability and Felix’s experience with mini figs, they decide to create a large “Blue Lizard” that is attacking a jungle themed house with mini-figs trying to fight back against the large scaled beast. Will the blue of the lizard be enough to make their chosen colour pop in the green lily pad world?

Our American team Krystle and Michelle land themselves the colour purple and whilst tricky to stand out against green they decide to dazzle with a large “Purple Butterfly” sitting on a log surrounded by colourful flowers. Taking inspiration from Krystles signature fashion wings they get to work however struggle with the shape and scale of the wings and hope to win it back in time!

Aussie friends Ben and Eric struggle to find an idea for pink, although the colour is bright and poppy against the green background, it comes in limited pieces which leaves the boys in a pickle! After two hours pass by, the boys regroup and come up with a large pink bonsai tree surrounded by a minifig fairy village aka the “Pink Bonsai Tree and Fairy Village”. They are so happy to have made a decision and know they are now the underdogs, given the time they have lost. The boys hope they’ve done enough to recoup the time they lost at the beginning of the build and claim a spot in the grand finale.

Throughout the build Hamish hides in amongst the plants in a special forces camo suit only to jump up and remind the global contestants the importance of creating a build that stands out and does not blend in, unlike himself! Hamish also provides assistance throughout the build by way of holding Shane’s hair back and peeling a banana for Felix with his tiny hands. Throughout the build a well-informed Brickman offers his expertise on how to make each build stand out from the rest in the green world they will live in.

In the end the finished builds make their way to the pond and all float proudly on their lily pads. Brickman announces the first team through to the Grand Finale will be Australian mother and son duo Shane and Dianne with their large and bright giraffe! Followed by Team Germany Felix and Annalena and their impressive blue lizard.

This leaves Krystle and Michelle in Team USA and the Aussies Ben and Eric in the bottom two, risking elimination. Finally, it comes down to lost time and the two hours that Ben and Eric lost in the planning phase sends them home.

Making it America vs Germany vs Australia in the first ever LEGO® Masters: Australia Vs. The World Grand Finale!

Grand Finale

Team Australia: Shane & Dianne

Team Germany: Felix & Annalena

Team USA: Krystle & Michelle


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