Fresh Heartbreak For Ramsay Street

Fresh Heartbreak For Ramsay Street

It was the cliffhanger that shocked Neighbours fans, leaving them waiting for three days for answers…

After weeks of deep fake stories, it was revealed that Haz (Shiv Palekar) was helping Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) catch deep faker Wade Fernsby (Stephen Phillips) in an effort to protect Mackenzie (Georgie Stone). Feeling paranoid Wade bolted, fearing that Haz was working with the cops, running across the road with Haz in hot pursuit. With no time to break or swerve, Mackenzie runs into Haz, sending him flying.

When we return to Erinsborough today, we are immediately thrown into the aftermath of the collision as Mackenzie and Karl (Alan Fletcher) rush to Haz, who quickly collapses after being found awake and stunned. At the hospital, Byron (Xavier Molyneux), Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), Sadie (Emerald Chan), and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) all arrive to offer their support. But things soon go from bad to worse when Mackenzie is informed that Haz has suffered a heart attack due to the impact trauma and he’s now in a coma. One he may not wake up from.

Is Ramsay Street about to farewell another neighbour and its favourite coffee maker?

Penned by Daniel Pappas, this episode is another in which Georgie Stone excels with some extremely moving scenes.

Neighbours airs Monday-Thursday at 4:00pm on 10, with episodes repeated at 6:30pm on 10Peach.


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