A night under the stars takes a stormy turn

Farmer Todd set out on his journey to real love in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife, before joining other farmers and ladies for a weekend of camping under the stars.   

Jumping headfirst into speed dates – with some guidance from the original four farmers – Todd invited Daisy, Ellen, Grace, Iyesha and Jacinta to his farm.

Anxiously waiting for their farmers on the camping site, the ladies from other farms heaved a sigh of relief when co-host Nat Gruzlewski introduced Farmer Todd and his ladies. 

“I was stoked it was another farmer, because there was a split second where I thought maybe these girls are coming in and picking who they want to be paired with,” Anna said.

With 24-hour dates at stake, Claire hatched a plan to steal some of Joe’s time: “I saw the bathtub near our tent, so yeah, I just wanted to set up a little spot for us to share some time together. It’s obviously very out of my comfort zone,” she said, leaving Farmer Joe pleasantly surprised. 

As the evening progressed, Calya started to realise the differences between Farmer Joe’s lifestyle and her own. Confessing to Krissy from Tom’s farm, Calya said she didn’t see herself living full-time on the farm in the next five years.  

While Joe and Claire wrapped up their moonlight dip, news of Calya not seeing herself on the farm spread, with Joe’s other ladies wanting to get to the bottom of it. Determined to bring this to the farmer’s attention, Keely said: “She talks about honesty all the time, but what she’s saying to us girls is not matching what she’s doing or saying to Joe.”

Putting Claire’s feelings above the drama, Sarah shut Keely down: “It takes a lot of guts for Claire to pull Joe away, and we know that she doesn’t like to do that. Can we not rain on her parade? Can we pull ourselves together?”


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