Lego Masters Batman

In this action-packed episode, the five remaining LEGO® Masters: Australia Vs. The World teams enter a dimly lit studio, where a dark and brooding cityscape sits afront of them. The Bat-signal glows and Hamish descends from the ceiling, dressed as Batman, much to the contestants’ delight. To celebrate DC’s Batman’s 85th Anniversary and to kick of Final’s Week, their challenge is to build a vehicle for one of five iconic Batman villains, as well as an action scene to place it in, in 8 hours.

Teams are informed straight of the bat, that the BIG Brick is no longer in play and that it is in fact an elimination, only four of the five teams will make it through to the semi-finals at the end of the build.

The stakes have never been higher, as each team is allocated their villains by previous and final BIG Brick winners, Krystle and Michelle from Team USA. Krystle and Michelle allocate themselves Harley Quinn, they give Dianne and Shane The Joker, Ben and Eric – Poison Ivy, The Dane’s, Peter and Ida are given The Penguin, and lastly, German’s Felix and Annalena are allocated The Riddler, a character they are not familiar with, in fact, neither of them has ever watched or heard of Batman before!

Dianne and Shane are thrilled with the challenge, as cosplayers and big fans of Batman. They are immediately ignited with the idea to create a mechanised chattering teeth vehicle for The Joker, in front of Joker’s fun park, filled with clown goons running amuck! With the end so near in sight, Shane recognises that now is the time to play to your strengths and incorporate a mechanism into the build, if they want to continue with their trajectory of winning the title.

This is worst case scenario for The Germans as they scramble to come up with an idea for a vehicle and action scene that captures the essence of their villain, The Riddler. They decide to stick with what they know best and make two-character Robot suits that Riddler and Batman minifigs will be controlling, on top of a big Scramble Scare puzzle, themed as the Riddler’s question mark and coloured in his signature purple and green. They hope this idea is enough to get them through as they are not safe in this challenge. Hamish kindly educates Felix and Annalena on the key aspects of the Batman universe throughout the build.

Peter and Ida got The Penguin, which was their pick from the start, having already built a penguin on the show before (in Episode One). However, the Danish pair want to show they’re not a one trick pony and decide to build a big Seagull robot as The Penguin’s vehicle. Brickman is confused by the choice and prompts Peter and Ida to change to something more in line with the character they’ve been given. They agree and repurpose their seagull to a giant Penguin robot instead. But after encountering some weight issues, must lose the bird-like head and make a smaller more robotic looking head instead. A critical choice that could position them in the bottom two, if the build is not instantly recognisable as the Penguin.

Krystle and Michelle; are the final BIG brick holders, which means they are safe in this elimination challenge. Krystle was very excited to have had the advantage to choose their villain, as she is basically Harley Quinn reincarnate. The two decide on building a scene revolving around the hot and cold relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker, in which Harley is mad at the Joker and has decided to plough her weapon-fitted Cadillac into The Joker’s jewellery store, right next to the Gotham City Police department.

Ben and Eric are also big Batman fans and are really into this build but are finding it hard to associate a vehicle with their villain, Poison Ivy, as everything with her is based in nature. They land on building a big Venus Fly trap inspired ‘plant-vehicle’, however Brickman is not convinced a plant can be a vehicle. So, they evolve the build but adding legs to the plant. But will this be enough to keep them safe?

During the build, Batman’s dynamic duo sidekick – Robin, makes an appearance for a round of very informative bench visits, rocking up in none other than a replica of the 1966 Batmobile. Felonious Feline – Catwoman also prowls around and is tasked with stealing the BIG Brick back off Krystle and Michelle towards the end of the challenge.

At the completion of the 8 hours, the finished builds are sitting against the atmospheric backdrop of Gotham City and look awesome, but today, only three teams who scored all three punches from Brickman (Storytelling, Technical Ability, Aesthetics) during his judging, are called forward as the top three – Krystle & Michelle, Shane & Dianne and Felix & Annalena. Today it’s Shane and Dianne’s chattering teeth in the Joker fun-land earns them their first solo win of the season and are the first team to make it to the semi-finals!

Hamish then calls the bottom two teams forward: Peter and Ida and Ben and Eric. Brickman reiterates why they are in the bottom two – it was Peter and Ida’s lack of aesthetics when it comes to their penguin build in that you have to squint to actually tell it’s the penguin and Ben and Eric’s lack of technical ability shown in their build.

It’s Ben and Eric’s colourful Poison Ivy action scene that saves them from today’s elimination, sending Peter and Ida back to Denmark in an emotional and generous exit.

The final four teams (Krystle & Michelle, Felix & Annalena, Shane and Dianne & Ben & Eric) are reminded just how close the competition is, as Final’s Week enters its semi-final stage.


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