Farmer Joe faces another betrayal

After enjoying Nat’s weekend getaway, the farmers and their chosen dates set out for another romantic 24-hour adventure in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife.

Farmer Tom took a leaf out of a romantic novel and booked an entire steam train for an epic 24-hour date with Sarah C: “She has said that she’s a big romantic, so trying to live up to that.”

Farmer Joe began his magical 24-hour date with Sarah, hoping to learn more about her, while Farmer Bert and Caitlin rekindled their romance on a long-overdue second date.

Farmer Dustin and Anna got up close and very personal during their 24-hour date. “I think this date couldn’t be more perfectly timed, me being able to just reignite that flame that’s there,” Anna said.

As the other farmers were getting close to finding love, Farmer Todd took the first steps on his romantic journey as he invited Daisy to his farm for the first 24-hour date, before rest of his ladies joined them.

During the farewell dinner the next evening, Dustin ended Izzy’s farm journey, while Bert send Taneil home. Feeling the pressure of his first farm farewell, Todd said goodbye to Iyesha. 

After farewelling Sarah A, Farmer Tom was left with his final two ladies: Krissy and Sarah C. 

Ahead of the farewell dinner on Joe’s farm, Keely made a bold move: “Calya has said to us girls that she doesn’t see herself living on the farm. That’s something that Joe is very adamant about, that he wants someone to move to the farm. I think he has a right to know the truth,” she said before approaching Joe.


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