Team USA Win Lego Masters

Team USA Win Lego Masters

After the biggest season ever and eleven challenges only three teams remain. Felix and Annalena for Team Germany, Krystle and Michelle for Team USA and the last remaining Australian Team, mother and son duo, Shane and Dianne. They will have 28 hours to build whatever they want for the Grand Finale.

Team USA: Krystle and Michelle have decided to take their baseplate off the table and build a life-sized “Artist Studio” that has been taken over by mini figures. It could be the largest build in LEGO® Masters history but Brickman is concerned if they will be able to finish building the bricks in time, let alone all the paintings. They are going to have to build non-stop to be able to finish their idea in time.

Team Germany: Felix and Annalena started the season by winning the first four episodes and are determined to take out their second title. They want to expand on the fairy build they did in their German finale. They are doing a “Fairy Village” with a giant white mythical creature that will be built by Annalena. Felix wants the story to be clear and draw in all the kids to vote for them.

Team Australia: Shane and Dianne are doing the most mature build they have ever done before “Final Frontier”. A spaceman that has crash landed on a foreign planet and has discovered a floating alien castle in the distance. It’s going to be a huge technical challenge to make the castle float but if they can pull it off, they will win it for not only themselves but the whole of Australia.

Sophie Monk arrives and sings her version of the national anthems of each country whilst Hamish DJ’s the compilation and raps along.

As the build ends, it’s up to Brickman and his Golden Brick worth 100 votes and the votes of 200 members of the public to decide who will be crowned the winner of LEGO® Masters: Australia Vs. The World.

The votes are tallied and it’s Team USA’s, Krystle and Michelle who’s life-sized “Artist Studio” is triumphant. Today they become the first females to win LEGO® Masters Australia and the first all-Female team to win a LEGO® Masters competition worldwide.

The Americans take home the title of winners of LEGO® Masters: Australia Vs. The World, the trophy and $100,000!


3rd Place: Shane & Dianne (AUS)

2nd Place: Felix & Annalena (GERMANY)

1st Place: Krystle & Michelle (USA)

Krystle and Michelle said: “Representing Team USA was an incredible honour. The memories and family made Down Under will be held in our hearts for the rest of our lives. 

“Over the course of the series and building together for the first time, the respect we have for each other is like no other. We were determined to give it everything we had and we are proud to be the first ever all-female team to hoist a LEGO® Masters Australia trophy.”

Brickman said: “It was super exciting having teams from other countries come and do LEGO® Masters Australia, mainly because whilst LEGO® is universal and doesn’t have a language, every country’s builders bring a different and unique style. 

“Krystle and Michelle certainly did that, which made for some amazing builds. Not only did they blow us away with their builds, I think I learnt from them too.” 


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