Lego Masters offers a Window to the Future

Lego Masters offers a Window to the Future

In Episode 11 of LEGO Masters Australia, the 5 remaining teams find Hamish and Brickman standing beside a suspended window, and behind it an all-studded box. It is soon revealed that today’s challenge is called Window to the Future. Today our teams are tasked to create and build their vision of the future within that box, factoring in that their build will be seen through the window. With only 12 hours to build the future and the looming thought of possible elimination, our teams are quick to get started.

Nick and Gene are quick to jump into an idea they love, a Zero Gravity Hover Board Skatepark. They’re confident in their idea but know that they really need to push the futuristic elements of the build, or they’re at risk of building an everyday normal skatepark. To help their build scream future, they employ a mechanism – a spinning hoverboard that sits below their main skater girl character. Adding colour becomes detrimental to their build as they realise the big smoke plume, they built to support their character and mechanism overwhelms the build with white.

Henry and Joss are immediately on the same page – 80s aesthetic. Despite Brickman’s obvious hesitancy’s about whether their idea will convey “this is the future”, the boys track on with their idea to build an advertisement for a multi-use Ultra Glove. The boys know that nailing this aesthetic will be their biggest challenge, requiring a lot of trial and error and testing to every aspect of their build.

No fear to big ideas, Kirsti and Dan set out to build an astronaut terraforming a new planet. To tackle the challenge of viewing this build through a window, the duo know they are going to need to use forced perspective, the ultimate challenge.

Alex and Caleb decide that they want to be looking into the window – specifically into the window of a man’s home – he’s living on a different planet, earth is burning through his window in the background as he lives a life of luxury surrounded by plants. But does this build really scream future?

Lexi and Rachael struggle to settle on an idea, losing precious time build time. As they throw ideas back and forth, Brickman visits to help them narrow their ideas and ultimately they decide to build a drone delivery service. Rachael tackles the drone build whilst Lexi tackles the window sill and other elements of the build – but the question is… does Rachael know what a drone looks like? 

After an exhausting 12 hours our teams have five beautiful windows into the future.

Nick and Gene’s Zero Gravity Skatepark is as impressive as it sounds plus with the added element of intregated pink lighting to their build, Brickman is impressed. After building three drones and the loss of time, Lexi and Rachael worry that if today is an elimination, they’ll be going home. Kirsti and Dan are proud of what they achieved in 12 hours – Brickmans tells them they were courageous for trying forced perspective and that he gives it a pass. With a last minute scramble to add futuristic elements to their build, Brickman tells Alex and Caleb that their Droid Butler is what saved their build. Finally, the team that stuck to their guns, the spinning Ultra Glove proves to be the ultimate futuristic success.

Hamish reveals that today is not an elimination, much to Rachael and Lexi’s relief. In a close race between Nick and Gene and Henry and Joss, it’s the Ultra Glove that takes the cake. Henry and Joss take home the Titanium Brick with the guaruntee that they’ll be heading to finals week.


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