Big Brother brings his a game

Big Brother brings his a game

Tonight, the game of Big Brother 21 years in the making finally kicked off, with Big Brother royalty Reggie, Tim, Dave and Estelle returning to where it all began. 

The royalty’s happy reunion was short lived, as Big Brother set his first secret mission as soon as they stepped inside the main house.

Soon after, 11 new housemates entered, unaware of what was in store. As the new generation bonded, all four royalty successfully escaped to Big Brother’s mainframe unnoticed, where they watched on as new alliances formed and old flames rekindled.

At the first nominations challenge, self-proclaimed perfect boyfriend Joel won the power to put three housemates up for eviction. He set his sights on Mel from Melbourne, Aleisha and Lulu.

At an explosive eviction ceremony, intimacy coach Sam revealed her secret past with Josh, but the biggest bombshell was still to come as the Big Brother royalty were revealed to the new housemates. The fate of the nominated housemates was left to the royalty, who decided no one would leave the house on the night.

While the other newbies were overjoyed at the prospect of playing Big Brother’s game with the royalty, Josh was not in the mood to celebrate.

As housemates new and old sized each other up, little did they know three more blasts from Big Brother’s past were about to blow the game apart. 

Tomorrow night, Tim finds reinforcements as the battle between new and old explodes. As three new royalty enter the house, sparks will fly and a nominations twist has the house reeling. 


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